Friday, 21 October 2016

Dove, Once Again Straying Out Of Their Lane

Now part of me wonders, if I write this negative post about Dove and their #SpeakBeautiful campaign, does this mean I will have to write TWO positive posts afterwards to conteract the "Negativity"?

In case you aren't aware of what is going on. Once again, Dove have strayed out of their lane and decided to tell us that we must only be positive about ourselves and Speak Beautiful.

Ok, Thought Police, firstly, CAN YOU FUCKING NOT?

Dove, your job is to make me smell nice, anything else, can you just back the fuck off and instead of trying to HAPPY BULLY us, realise that what you are doing is BLOODY DANGEROUS.

Twitter is a lifeline for some people, a SAFE SPACE, a place where they can reveal exactly how they feel at that time, hopefully without judgement and instead with support and love.

If you encourage people to instead LOVE BOMB them with encouraging thoughts and get them to post TWO positive thoughts, you are not helping, AT ALL. People could become too scared to tweet how they feel if they think they are going to be drowned in positive thoughts and energy instead of support, which COULD take the form of LISTENING, or encouraging them to make a Dr's appointment, or going to visit them if you know them in real life.

Dove, not everything is as simple as encouraging people to post two positive tweets. Sometimes life is HARD, and this ill-thought out campaign to sell soap is possibly dangerous. Not everything can be cured with a puppy GIF or just positivity.

Another issue I have with this campaign is the use of the word beautiful. WHY must we speak beautiful? What on earth has the word beautiful got to do with negativity and positivity? Once again, women are being put in tiny little stereotypical boxes and IT ISN'T RIGHT.

This campaign is poorly thought out, downright dangerous HAPPY bullying, and I for one will not be a part of it. Sometimes we ARE negative, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are depressed and when we seek help or support, I do not want to be told to speak beautiful, as if the ugliness of my words and truth have no part in this world.

Stick to selling soap, Dove and leave us out of it.



  1. Oh fuck off Vanessa seriously. Just fuck off.

  2. Oh FFS! That's up there with 'cheer up luv'. Twitter is my SAFE space. A time and place for me to be just me. And I don't think I've ever spoken 'beautiful' because to me most words are beautiful yes even the swear words. Language is alive, evolving and creative. To limit it to 'speak beautiful' is to denigrate me and my right to free speech. Sidebar but I'm not a fan of their products and this in no way encourages me to even put one of their products in my shopping basket let alone my bathroom.

  3. Love this. I like being open on twitter and anyone judging tweets needs to stop. Well said Kellie!

  4. THIS! Twitter is my safe space, it's where I can be sad, negative, hurt and get supported in a myriad of different ways by amazing people. People who 'get' me, who understand that "think positive" isn't going to fix it!


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