Monday, 3 October 2016

I have never

I think we have all played a version of the drinking game, Never Have I, Ever. My problem was always that I would get confused, "Never have I ever had sex in a lift?" "Does that mean I drink if I have, or if I haven't?" Drinks drink anyway.

So here is my version. Play along in the comments if you want to add your own.

I have never watched Magic Mike, or Magic Mike XXL.

I have never read the Harry Potter books, or watched the films.

I have never been on a girlie holiday.

I have never been on a City Break.

I have never had a Brazilian, (or a waxing)

I have never eaten oysters.

I have never passed out through alcohol. (But God, I've tried)

And finally, I have never found a dog, I didn't like the look of.

How many of these have you never done either?

Or what do you want to add?

Let me know in the comments.


  1. I have never been to Blackpool.
    I have never been on an aeroplane.
    I have never smoked a cigarette.

  2. I have never passed out drunk, never eaten oysters and never had a waxing either. I want to add I have never found my Mr Right and I have never been skinny dipping

  3. Never watched Magic Mike, never been on a girlie holiday, never had a Brazilian (but have had my eyebrows waxed).


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