Thursday, 13 October 2016

Leeds Lifestyle Awards 2016, Celebrating Everything Leeds and OOTD

I think we all know how much I love Leeds by now, but when I was invited to attend the Leeds Lifestyle Awards, which was being shown live on the Made In Leeds TV Channel, I jumped at the chance to help celebrate Leeds and reward some great local companies for their achievements.

From best coffee shop, to best hairdressers as well as best live event and of course, Leeds Legend, the categories were full of the best that Leeds has to offer.

All of the winners were extremely proud to have won their awards, and rightly so, they clutched their little awards as if they were a gift from above, although I imagine in the alcohol-filled hours that followed, some may have been misplaced, if only for a minute or two.

The whole evening was a huge blur of laughter, great food and fabulous company, I met the wonderful Cleo Rocos,

the gorgeous gentlemen from Lords Barbering. Byron, sir, you are a genuine legend, I am sorry I hunted you all down and told you that I fancy every single one of you (I'm not really) Also attending were Sinitta, some reality TV stars, and a lot of hard-working people who were proud to represent the company that they worked for.

If you want to catch the programme, you can catch up here on the Made In Leeds TV Network,

I had an incredibly fun evening and many thanks to Made In Leeds for inviting me and of course, my beautiful partner in crime, "Lucy" 

What I Wore. 

Many people who follow me on my social networks saw that I had nothing but stress when trying to buy a dress for the event. It isn't easy being plus size and trying to find a red-carpet worthy dress. I wanted to feel like a million dollars, the day before I thought it was probably going to cost me as much to get a dress in time.

This beautiful dress was from Boohoo, and I have to admit, I felt fantastic in it, It is the Natalie Lace Dress, you can find it in the Curve section here, ----> Boohoo Curve Dress

and the best thing about it was, it cost me £22. I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW RIGGHTTTTTT?

It is available in both black and red, all the way up to a size 28. Tempting, huh?

Now for the bad part, I ordered it on next day delivery, did it come the next day? Hell no, it came late the day after, which was the day before my event, and if it hadn't have fitted me, I would have been SCREWED. I found the customer services to be completely lacking as well, they are busy, extremely busy and they do have a habit, which I have seen a lot of lately, of acting as if they are your BFF, I don't need a new friend, I NEEDED MY GODDAMN DRESS.

Would I shop with them again? Yes, I am fat and my dress cost me £22 quid, I can't really afford to be choosy here, but I would order in PLENTY of time to guarantee delivery. If it would have arrived on time, I would be shouting from the roof tops about how wonderful they are, but it didn't, which sucks. but, twenty-two quid tho? you know what I mean?


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