Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Little Mix, Who Cares What They Wear?

So, it seems as if EVERYONE is currently talking about Little Mix at the moment, but not their BANGIN' Tune, which I have listened to far too many times than is actually healthy for a 40 yr old, but instead, concentrating on their clothes, and their "Stripper and Prostitute' outfits.

In case you haven't seen them, these are the outfits that have caused SO MUCH outrage.

Apparently, Jesy is being singled out (once again) for wearing the most revealing outfits, but
I have studied all the outfits in great detail and have come to the conclus......... JESUS CHRIST, THEY ARE WEARING CLOTHES AND PEOPLE NEED TO FIND SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO GET OUTRAGED ABOUT........ (and breathe)

Seriously though, they are clad, I do not give a SHIT how "scantily," they are on a stage PERFORMING and IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER what they are wearing.

And for all the parents crying about them not being good role models, and I am staring hard at Mel C here, If you do not like what they are wearing, if you do not like what they are singing about, switch it off. If you decide that listening to Little Mix is not appropriate for your 7yr old, that is your right, you are the parent here, go you. May you and your crotchfruit go in peace.

But let's not flood the internet with faux rage about them dressing as strippers and prostitutes. These are grown arse women who can wear what the hell they want, when they want. They aren't doing a midweek shop in Tesco (other shops are also available) they are performing on a stage.

Let's get over it, (and yourself) a little and MOVE ON.

Anyone else agree? Or disagree?

Let me know.



  1. Crotchfruit omg! I love your blog. I couldn't agree more with you! X

  2. As always I agree 100%! It bothers me most because everyone always finishes their outrage with the inevitable "they are marketed at a younger audience and so should dress appropriately" 🙄<<eyeroll<< I wonder if all the parents who think this actually listen to the lyrics ever because lines like "I hope she's getting better sex, and isn't faking it like I did" hardly seem marketed for a younger audience! And yes I may have also listened to it way too many times haha xx

  3. From a bloke point of view I see it like this..
    They are singing a song about showing their ex how well they are doing without them (i think that's what the song is about?) so them wearing woolly jumpers and ugg boots might not work as well.
    When I watched the video (had to find it on YouTube to see what the fuss was about as I don't watch x factor), the first thought that came to mind wasn't anything was actually sympathy for all waxing that must have happened backstage!!
    People love to have something to moan about. Just my 2cents

  4. Jesus, I used to watch Madonna videos on The Chart Show before I was ten and she usually had NO clothes on! Hasn't done me any harm. *goes to Tesco wearing just a thong*

  5. haha love this! perfectly put and totally agree with you here! 'crotchfruit' - will have to use that myself :D

    she dreams

  6. It's so sad and made me eye roll so much when I read all the news reports.. I was like ''.
    These are young women. They're not little girls. People forget that. That like they're not aloud to grow up and change their style, hair, looks, clothes..
    They are great girls, who love themselves (in a good way) and each other. Girl Power to them.



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