Monday, 17 October 2016

Notebooks, turning over a new leaf

I have a LOT of notes to write, I am currently looking into going back to college and beginning a new career path, this involves doing a lot of studying. Do I,

A, write in one of the MANY unused notebooks that I already own?

B, write in a notebook that have only one page used?


C, Buy new notebooks?

If you answered A or B, you are wrong. If you answered C, you are GOOD PEOPLE, and the world needs more people like you. (And more notebooks, right?)

What IS IT with notebooks that means you can never have TOO many of them? Why can you have notebooks that you will never so much write your name in, notebooks that are so pretty that the only thing they are good for are blog pictures, (you know you just nodded in agreement) and notebooks that are lovely notebooks, superb notebooks, it is just they aren't quite right for the THIS particular job, meaning you many as well buy a new notebook or seven?

I have the MOST amazing notebook from Pen Heaven, I mean, look at IT, it has my blog name on it and EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Purple Notebook

I also have a matching pen, Which ALSO has my name on it!!!! (Yes, I know you can't see it in this picture, I never said I was a good blogger, ok?) This is quite possibly the best notebook that I own, I carry it around in my bag. Everywhere I go, this notebook comes with me.


I mean, I have yet to find it's true purpose. I use the pen for everything, it writes like a dream, but not once has the ink touched my beautiful notebook, because I am a NOTEBOOK HOARDING WEIRDO.

I WANT to write in it, but I don't Look at it, it is beautiful, isn't it? One day I will find its purpose. I believe that every notebook has its purpose in life, be it to write the outline of your first novel, plan a wedding, create poetry. Every notebook that is empty, just hasn't found its path yet. It is not our place to FORCE it into something that won't make it happy.

We should respect our notebooks, and constantly buy new ones, right?

I am currently trying to justify the purchase of THIS beauty,

Isn't it divine? Also from Pen Heaven, if you are considering buying me a christmas present, or a birthday present, (hint hint) you can buy it here,

Or if anyone can come up with one good reason for me to buy it, I will be eternally grateful. 

I am not alone in my love for notebooks, am I? I know that some of you share my love of owning notebooks that are not to be written in until you find their true purpose, let me know in the comments how many YOU own, how many YOU write in and how many notebooks is TOO MANY. 

Let me know,

*Post contains a PR sample



  1. I am a notebook lover too - and getting worse with time. I bought 2 lovely ones to use with my new job, then had to buy 2 more. Still haven't written in any of them (and expect I'm not done yet ��)
    If people can collect tiny tea-sets and plates with cats on, we can happily collect as many notebooks as we want! xx

  2. I feel youre pain. I am currently lusting after the most beautiful notebook. It is embossed, has gold leaf, metal clasps so looks just like a medieval manuscript but I cant bring myself to pay £20 when I know I would NEVER be able to spoil the pages by writing in it.

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm notebooks! I love them. I'm getting better at getting over the "can't write in the pretty notebook" thing, I am using many of my notebooks now. But I still need more!

  4. Good on you for thinking about a career change and going back to school. :)
    This notebook and pen though! How amazing with your blog name on!?!?!? And I am deffo a notebook hoarder.. Plus, I buy lovely notebooks and then hate the idea of writing in them because they're too pretty! :/



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