Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Sharing a Smile with Getting Personal

We all LOVE getting gifts right? We also LOVE getting gifts from our friends that have put a lot of thought into them, right?

A little while ago, I was approached by Getting Personal asking me to get involved in a fantastic initiative where a group of bloggers were going to buy gifts for each other.

Well, I signed up straight away, not only do I love presents, I really enjoy getting gifts for other people, taking the time to find things that I know they will like. My recipient was Haydy from Squibb Vicious, you can read her Sharing a Smile post here -> http://squibbvicious.com/2016/09/sharing-a-smile/ I am so glad that she enjoyed her gifts.

My gift giver was the lovely Georgina Grogan from http://www.shemightbeloved.com who I absolutely adore.

Did she do well?

Of course she did.

Seriously though, a NOTEBOOK that is titled, People I Want To Punch In The Face? I would have said that GG nailed it, just with that!!!!!!!!!!!

All jokes aside, the Getting Personal website is superb, whether you are an excellent gift giver or usually really naff at buying presents, there is something for everyone on the site, and you will get a great reputation of being a superb chooser of gifts.

Go check them out.

I highly recommend them

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