Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Where are the Halloween Clothes for Plus Size Women, Asos?

Ah Halloween, a favourite time of the year, unless you are plus size of course, then Halloween is the time when brands move cllllllllll their black dresses into their plus size section and point at the going, "See, we even think of the fat people, AREN'T WE INCLUSIVE?

How about no? We SEEEEEEE YOU, we are not stupid.

For example, ASOS. Once a HUGE supporter of plus size women, now, Um, not so much.

That's right, 939 items in ASOS are marked as Halloween, yet only 38 in ASOS Curve, and most of them are plain black dresses, or tights with bats on. Oh, and wet look leggings, let me tell you, there is nothing scarier than Wet Look leggings on me at any time of year, let alone Halloween.

Perhaps there isn't much call for plus size women to wear Halloween stuff, some may ask?

then let me point this out to you.

300 hundred items in ASOS MEN. THREE HUNDRED. 

I am not even fucking around here, as a plus size woman I am FUMING that there is so little on offer from a company such as ASOS, who really seem to have NO interest in the plus size market any more. 

Let me show you a small selection from the THIRTY-EIGHT pieces available on ASOS CURVE HALLOWEEN. 

It isn't just me, is it? They are just taking the piss here, aren't they? 

So, where is GOOD to purchase Halloween clothes if you are plus size? Where else is AWFUL? 
What do you think of the ASOS Curve Halloween selection?

Let me know.


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  1. Just what exactly does pink velvet say about Halloween to you Kel? o.O WTF ASOS! From one fat mutha to anutha. Xxx


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