Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bon Prix, Bon Prix On The Rocks

Ever watched other people being invited to an event that you REALLY want to go to? Screw FOMO, this is full on jealousy, this is WHYYYYYYY NOTTTTTTTTTT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

Just me?

Oh, ok.

So there was everyone, being invited to #BonPrixOnTheRocks and me, feeling like Cinderella mumbling, "I WANNA GO TO THE BALL"

Now, luckily, it seems that I too have a Fairy Godmother, and I got a last minute invite to the event at the beautiful Mal Maison in Leeds.

And everyone was looking FINE.

Everyone who was invited to the event was gifted a dress to wear from Bon Prix of their choosing, which is a GENIUS idea. Now I have seen so many outfits on REAL bodies, that I desperately want to own too.

Look at these QUEENS.





There were so many amazing women there, rocking their outfits, it was difficult to just pick a few to show you. Genuinely, I spent the whole evening looking at everyones dresses, imagining how they would look on me. I adore Sarah's dress above, I nearly picked it myself so it was great to see how fantastic it looked on Sarah.

We spent the evening in Mal Maison learning how to make different cocktails, the poor bar man really had his work cut out with groups of cackling women but he did a fantastic job of stopping us from drinking the spirits straight and teaching us how to mix them.

(You can just imagine Lucinda whispering, "Down it" can't you?)

We laughed, we drank, we ate and we admired each others clothing, it was a perfect, perfect evening.

Many many thanks to Bon Prix for being my Fairy Godmother and telling me, I SHALL go to the ball.

If you are going to a ball, why not check out Bon Prix's Party wear section -> PARTY WEAR
or check out Bon Prix's blog to see more of what we got up to. -> Bon Prix Cocktail Masterclass Blog

I'd love your thoughts on what you are loving from the range,

Let me know.



  1. Sounds like it was a fab event, such a lovely idea them gifting you each a dress as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Sounds great and everyone looked amazing!
    I was so sad to have to cancel.. but family first as they say.



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