Thursday, 24 November 2016

Day of The Dentist

I am off to the Dentist today, I imagine you are reading this thinking, "So the fuck what?" and if you are, LANGUAGE!!!!!

But you would be right to be wondering why I feel I can get a whole blog post out of it. (I'm a blogger, JUST WATCH ME.)

I bloody hate the dentist, I hate the dentist with a passion. Ok, I say hate, I mean terrified. i am bloody terrified of the dentist. I refuse to trust anyone who covers their face whilst working on me, WHY ARE YOU HIDING YOUR IDENTITY? Is it so I cannot pick you out of a line-up? I am wise to your tricks. I FUCKING SEE YOU.

and breathe.

You may think I am slightly overreacting, you would probably be right, but I just can't help it. this fear has built up over the years until it is just a complete phobia, even the thought of the pink drink, to wash my mouth out afterwards, cannot soothe me, BUT I have a broken tooth, ok, I have two broken teeth, but one is so painful that when I visited the Emergency dentist in, cough MARCH cough, they did what they could and told me I needed to have the tooth removed asap and I should make my own appointment with my dentist to have it done.

There were two problems with this.

Firstly, I didn't have a dentist, secondly, even if I did, it is the equivalent of being on Death Row and having to phone up and book your own appointment for your execution, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I did what any self-respecting adult does in 2016 and I ignored it.......... until the pain got so bad that it is kind of like a permanent hum and I have been forced into action.

If that isn't the story of 2016, then I don't know what is.

So I am off to the dentist this afternoon at 2.50pm, I am not happy about it but I keep telling myself it will be ok in the end, my worst fear is if they prod and poke my mouth and then tell me to come back another day to have it removed. Genuinely, if that happens I don't know if I can go back, again, they will tell me to make another appointment at reception and I will sail straight past like, LATER BITCHES.

I think I need a responsible adult. (possibly not just for a dentist appointment either)

So my question for you today, am I alone in panicking, does anyone else panic at the thought of the dentist?

And do we think, if I ask nicely, I can get a sticker to say I have been a good girl?

Let me know.



  1. You're definitely not alone, it's so common now there are specialised clinics just so patients can be knocked out to have a check up. My last dentist terrified me so much during a filling I got the tooth removed when he said it needed a root canal. I left a few months later minus a tooth and decided no more NHS dentist for me. Now I can't really afford it but I have a private dentist and he's ace with anxious patients and with phobias plus a hygienist. I even had that root canal on another tooth so I didn't lose that one too. Best thing I did even if I have insurance to pay a d hope I never need work done cos of the cost ha! Rescue remedy, keep yourself busy until it's time to go and whilst I'm in the chair I have like a stress ball to hold plus I tense up ready for any pain lol usually it's nothing at all and I'm exhausted but it's done! Good luck!

  2. I'm reading this in the dentists waiting room! Hope your appointment goes well. Hope you told the dentist how you feel 😀


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