Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Feminism Still Hasn't Found What It's Looking For

Ok, Glamour Magazine. What the FUCK are you playing at this time?

As a woman, I am fully used to men sweeping in and taking credit for work that I have done, I am used to men acting like white knights, we are ALL used to men using feminism to get THEIR own (end a) way.

I personally, do not know one woman that doesn't welcome the idea of everyone getting involved in feminism, to SUPPORT women and change the way the world looks at equality.

But then Glamour goes and names Bono as one of their Women of The Year.

Glamour, are you on crack?

It is bullshit, be it a way to get Glamour's name spread around that little bit more, (times are hard for print right now) or whether it is just one big MASSIVE joke and we haven't yet heard the punchline, I do not know but this is not a step forward for women, it is just one more slap in the face for women.

The magazine said,

"These days most women want men - no, need men in our tribe" 

Get to fuck.

I can think of many reasoned arguments why Bono should not be named one of Glamour's Women of the Year, but we all know them, we have all had these arguments used against US for why we cannot win or even be equal.

I cannot see GQ Magazine following suit and naming Taylor Swift one of their Men of the Year, can you?

Men aren't exactly short of awards now are they? Some men want a certificate and a gold star for doing the washing up.

We want men to support our fight, not step in and LEAD the fight, that kind of defeats the point, doesn't it.

What do you think about Bono being named a Woman of the Year?

Who would YOU have wanted as a Woman of the Year INSTEAD of Bono?

Let me know



  1. Oh so it wasn't a joke then, excellent.

    Men have their own awards. This is an award for women. Unless he has a vaj-jay-jay I'm not aware of he can GTFO.

    Whilst I 100% agree with feminism needing male support (as we all know feminism is for equality and we want men to support that just as much, right?), a man swooping in and taking that award away from a deserving woman is quite frankly a joke.

    Someone find me their terms and conditions.

  2. Some marketing expert at Glamour probably devised this. Excellent publicity, as we are talking about it.


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