Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Leave No Wo(man) behind

I read an article yesterday, about a young drunk woman being abandoned by her friends, in absolute disgust.

It was an open letter from the Cheltenham Guardians, who are absolutely amazing and volunteer to help keep people safe, regarding a young woman called Emily who was not only abandoned by her friends, but when contacted by The Guardians, gave them the run around and caused even more trouble, you can read their open letter here. ->  Open Letter From The Guardians

Now I know I am old, but RULE ONE when you are out with friends, LEAVE NO WO(MAN) BEHIND.

You go out as a group, you come home as a group. You keep each other safe and you certainly don't put anyone in danger. I have been out in the past and stopped drinking when I have seen one of my friends starting to get a bit messy. I choose to do this, I don't HAVE to do it, but to me, it is common sense, it is part of life and part of being a good friend. I love my friends and I want them to be safe. I could NEVER leave a drunk friend alone. EVER. I don't understand people who could just abandon someone they went out with.

I don't even care if they are the kind of friend who does that every time we go out. We all have that ONE friend who swears blind they aren't going to end up drunk and then ends up blazing at 9.30pm arguing with bouncers, don't we?

If you don't, you are probably THAT friend.

So what do you think of Emily's friends?

Would you leave a sloppy drunk friend behind? Or have you in the past?

Let me know.



  1. I'm with you! As a rule, I only drink with people I trust. I can hold my drink fine but I'd still rather know that if I did get a bit wasted, I would be looked after by the people I'm around! xx

  2. This reminds me of a time at university where a 'friend' invited me to a party where she knew the hosts/guests and I didn't (different courses). She left me alone there to go off with a boy, embarrassing me in the process, so I had to walk back to the campus alone, the route to which had had a stream of attacks against women. She told people I was only upset because I fancied him too. I've never spoken to her since university and I never plan to and it's been 20 years *thumbs aloft* If 'friends' leave you vulnerable they're not your friends, simple as.

  3. I NEVER leave friends alone. I don't drink but have a lifelong illness which means I can suddenly feel dizzy and sick when over tired. When this happens I look dizzy. But my friends know I'm not. I have always been put in a taxi. Or, when I was younger, waited with me as I called my mum to come and pick me up. I've had a friend tell me that once when she was out with one friend, her friend was looking for her in a bar and was told by some random blokes that my friend had left. So she left and when my friend came out of the toilets she had been left alone.
    I've had to remove blokes hands off an extremely drunk friends leg before. And had to literally stand guard over them because of men wanting to take advantage of a semi conscious woman.
    It makes me so angry.
    There should be a safe woman scheme in bars and clubs where you can tell them you've been abandoned and they help you get home safe

  4. That woman needs better friends...I would never leave my friends if they are a bit worse for wear and I know they would never leave me....I thought it was one of those unwritten rules of friendship.

  5. I hate to be part of a pack. I don't want to depend on anyone else for my safety. More than that, I don't want to live in a society where I feel I would need to. I go out with my friends, but I don't need a minder to get home. If I see an 'Emily' I offer a friendly word and help if needed. Perhaps Emily had already gone home and left her friends. Perhaps her friends were drunk like her and unable to make good decisions. I hope all of them are OK, and that the next kind person who helps out doesn't need to decry those that don't. It is not solely our responsibility to care for our friends.


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