Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Ted Baker, Bringing Florals Into Autumn/Winter

You know how you have THOSE style gurus that tell you the RULES of fashion as if they are written in stone and to be obeyed at all costs? Those magazines that tell you what to wear, how to wear and WHEN to wear it?

We are throwing out the rule book. We are making our OWN rules and the rules are.

If it makes you happy, WEAR IT.

Let us bring florals into Autumn/Winter. Let us remember fondly the warmth on our skin from summer when we are cold. When everyone else is playing it safe, LET US ENJOY OUR CLOTHES/SHOES/ACCESSORIES because life is short and we deserve to be happy.

For example, take one pair of Ted Baker floral heels. (No, not these ones, these ones are MINE) here's the link, go find a glorious pair that will make you happy. put them on your feet and bring some summer into your life. YES, it may be cold and wet at the moment, you may have SNOW, I do. But everything feels just that little bit better when you can smile at your clothes, right?

and if the mood so takes you, why not match your floral shoes to your bag. Live a little.

(I am buying that bag, by the way)

Ignore the fashion 'rules'

Tear up the book and wear what makes you happy, whatever the season.

Don't you agree?

*Post contains PR samples, words are all my own.

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  1. Absolutely! We believe in style, not fashion. ;) Such cute heels, good ole Ted Baker!

    T x


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