Monday, 21 November 2016

When is it TOO early to put up your christmas decorations?

Today is the 21st of November. N-O-V-E-M-B-E-R. You know, the month before December? and whilst I am over here getting excited about Christmas adverts, I do not think I am ready to see pictures of your tree up, on Instagram.

Why for you haz up tree and decorations up in November? 

I don't understand.

Now I don't have ROOM for a tree in my living room at the moment, so please indulge me my, sitting in the Judgement tree, being all judgey and stuff. it's is leafy and green in this judgement tree and I am STILL NOT CONSIDERING PUTTING LIGHTS IN IT YET.

Don't get me wrong, I adore christmas, it is a fabulous time of the year for some people, but I worry that if a tree goes up too early, do you not get bored of it? What happens if on December the 10th you are all like, "I AM SICK TO THE BACK TEETH OF CHRISTMAS, That is IT. The tree is coming DOWN" ?

If you have a real tree, don't you find that your carpet, IS a carpet, of needles by mid-december?

Some people have had their tree up for a week now, A WEEK? When did we start celebrating Christmas so early? I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet and some of you people are finished shopping, have wrapped all the presents and I imagine that, if I look in your oven, the turkey is already slow roasting to perfection.

But maybe I am being harsh, 2016 has been a total bitch of a year for most. Maybe you are just seeing this year out quickly, by putting up your christmas tree in November you are doing the good host equivalent of trying to shoo out unwanted guests who don't know when to leave, you have made the coffee, you have their coat in your hand and now you are fake yawning to really hammer home the point that it is TIME TO LEAVE.

Perhaps I do get that.

So come on then, is YOUR tree up? If so, WHY?

Is November too early to have up the tree? When do you put YOURS up?

Let me know



  1. Far 4th early for me!! My little ones have been asking for weeks now but hope it will definitely not be happening yet especially with an 8 month old who will no doubt yank the tree over.

  2. I know people who have had theirs up since October. It's not something I'm ever going to "get". We didn't have a tree last year and having looked at the prices, I can't really say I'm willing to pay £30 for the stress of rearranging our lounge to accommodate it and then spending 2-3 weeks watching the cats tear it apart. Think I'll throw myself into paperchains and ceiling decs!

  3. Mine went up yesterday - Id have them up much earlier if I thought I could get away with it TBH.
    Some of the decorations make me smile every time I see them - you can't put a price on that... especially not in 2016 and all of the Very Bad Thingsthat have happened this year!

  4. I've been listening to Christmas music since September, and it's probably a good thing too — I live in America, where we've been in a collective depression and state of horror since 11/9, so I doubt there will be ANY joy this Xmas season. I'm glad I got it in early, before our country fell to fascism!

  5. I concur. Early Xmas decs make me sad. X

  6. I'm a 1st December gal. November is too damn early!

  7. The tree and outside decorations go up the day after thanksgiving and come down new years day. I was not at all happy to see "black friday" adverts starting on November 1 and am not at all happy that i am hearing christmas music already. Again, that shouldn't start before the day after thanksgiving. 1 holiday at a time.

  8. I don't personally decorate until I see the Coca-Cola Christmas advert. I would love to decorate before then but I have to restrain myself. Doesn't stop me from buying all of the decorations though!

  9. Ooo it's a marmite topic isn't it! I must admit, we don't usually do our tree until the first weekend in December! This year I am super festive though and have been playing Christmas songs for the last 2 weeks...ooops!xx

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