Wednesday, 9 November 2016

#WildAboutLeeds with The Body Shop

I was SO upset when I was too ill to go to The Body Shop event in Leeds a couple of weeks ago. From what I saw, the event, which marked the coming of the new store on Brigate was an event that will go down in Leeds history as one of the best. DAMN FLU.

Luckily, My best girl, Lucy, won a trip to visit the VIP room at the new store and asked Faith and I (And Mr Lucy) if we would like to tag along.

Er, FUCK yeah we would.

We actually went on the day it reopened and it was PACKED, I mean REALLY PACKED. Imagine Christmas Eve packed. Luckily the VIP room, which is situated at the back of the store, was a tranquil oasis in a sea of madness.

The Leeds store is the first store to get this make over so if you get a chance to go and visit, DO IT. It is amazing. If you live outside of Leeds, then I feel sorry for you, Leeds is fabulous, move here immediately.
inside the Body Shop new store

So Lucy, Faith, Mr Lucy and I all settled ourselves in the VIP room ready to be pampered.

We all got the opportunity to have a facial and our make-up doing. I was talked through all the products that were used and had the opportunity to smell, and feel the products before they were applied to my face, I must admit, after being so ill the week before, my skin was in desperate need of some attention and it has felt much smoother and clearer ever since. 

After the facial, it was time for some make-up. Again, you get a real sense that each member of staff really loves and appreciates the Body Shop products that they use, they don't want to just sell you things, they want you to love it as much as they do. 

Another point that I have to make, we were all very pleased to see that the VIP room was very disabled accessible, there were no stairs or sharp turns, it was very easy to manoeuvre into and around. 

After lots of pampering, Lucy got to pick some products and she very kindly purchased for Faith and myself a lipstick each that we were wearing, they are the new matte liquid lipsticks and I've had lots of compliments on the colour I chose when I've worn it since. 

Body Shop Leeds

Note to self, refuse to have pictures taken with the tall birds. 

So whilst I was absolutely gutted I didn't get to go to the event, I'm so glad I got a sneak peek at everything The Body Shop has to offer. Check out Lucy's site as I am sure she will be writing about it soon and you can read about her experiences soon.

Are you a Body Shop fan? Did you go to the #WildAboutLeeds event? Was it just the best? 

Let me know. 


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