Monday, 12 December 2016

24 hours with, A ST Style Columnist

7.45am     Wake up, Check all my social media platforms, not much interaction yet. maybe I should tweet something controversial so I can write a column about bullying on social media?

8.45am      Still nothing, I said that puppies were arseholes and still no hate. Time to upload a picture to my personal profile that says "No Haterz please"

9.45am.     Start a column.

9.47am      Finish the column.

10.01am    Create tweet saying about how hard I work and share 15 replies all agreeing with me.

10.15am.   Still no hate. What on earth am I going to write about tomorrow?

10.30am    Think, WWLJD (What Would Liz Jones Do/)

10.35am    I create new column belittling bloggers and stereotyping them all as airheads.
That should court controversy and debate.

10.37am     I finish column.

12.00pm    Yes, finally. I have received tweets debating my column, calling me out for my stereotyping. I ignore all the ones that say how I am in the wrong, and reply to everyone who agrees with me, thanking them for their support at this hard time.

12.30pm    Lock down account for half an hour, whilst tweeting about how much hatred I am receiving and how abuse on twitter should not be tolerated. I block a few people as well, that always stirs it up a little bit more.

1.00pm     Creates new article about online bullying and the distress it has caused me.

Go home and chill. LOL Mission accomplished.



  1. LOVE THIS. That is all!!

    Rachel //

  2. If you don't faff with lipsticks, lick a fairy cake and get tangled in rose gold fairy lights you aint doing it right!!

  3. haha! Brilliant! As always, you say what we're all thinking!

  4. OMG! This is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEE HEEE HEEE HEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just what was needed after said stupid column!!! xoxoxox


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