Monday, 5 December 2016

Christmas in an Ideal World

I REALLY need to start my christmas shopping soon, don't I?

Ok, before you all fill my replies with comments about how you were finished Christmas shopping in August and completed your wrapping in October, let me explain. IN A WORLD OF THE INTERNET, (An Ideal World, see what I did there?) I do not NEED to start my Christmas shopping early. I have WEEKS where I can search for the best prices, the Ideal gift, (Oh look, I did it again) the perfect present for the perfect person. I don't need to brave the high street, getting stressed and angry or giving up and spending the afternoon in Costa. (We've all done it, haven't we?)

I am a "let the presents come to me" sort of person and Ideal World have made my life even easier by creating handy sections of various christmas gifts. You have, For Him, For Her, even a For the kids section.

Ideal World offered to send me a selection of their best selling Christmas gifts, gifts that can satisfy even the most difficult members of the family, (You know, TEENAGERS) and we enjoyed testing everything out and learning about what makes something a best seller.

Christmas gifts in front of a real fire

So let me talk you through the products, for the F1 fanatic, or car fanatic, we have a Williams Car Cleaning Kit which you can purchase here -> Car Cleaning Kit 

Williams Car Cleaning Kit Gift

For her. actually, for me. These are for me. I love a good face mask, You can check out the whole Elizabeth Grant collection here -> Elizabeth Grant Collection

Christmas Gift

In a world where we HAVE to be connected, a tablet is always a welcome gift. This Android tablet by  Go Clever is a non-expensive way of getting connected. it is only £69.99 and is also available on Flexi-pay. Check it out here -> GoClever Tablet

Unwrapped Christmas Gift

Oh god, I am so happy to get this, it is a Drone, a fantastic, HD Camera drone, a drone with enough flying time so that you don't have to spend three days charging it, just to get 4 mins flying time. You can laugh, but it does happen, I speak from experience. This Drone is usually £139.99 but is currently £59.99. We are going to take it to the Lake District with us this Christmas.

Unwrapped Drone christmas gift

If you have not heard me banging on about this brush, then you must have me muted on all channels. THIS BRUSH IS MAGIC. I love it. I couldn't even tell you where my hair straighteners are any more. These take a minute to make you hair sleek like a dolphin. Well, if a Dolphin had hair, it would only wish to be as sleek as YOU. I adore this Simply Straight brush, I have had mine for a couple of months now, which means my teenage daughter is currently eyeing this up like a Dingo eyes up babies. Currently it is £29.99 on Ideal World. I paid a LOT more than that for mine so if you want to save yourself some money, you can find the brush here -> Simply Straight Brush 

Unwrapped christmas gift

So who really needs to stress about their christmas shopping, not me. Not in an Ideal World.

half unwrapped Christmas Gifts in front of fire

You can check out all of the Ideal World christmas collections here -> IDEAL WORLD CHRISTMAS COLLECTIONS  for if you need more inspiration for your christmas shopping. Let me know what your favourite is and what you hope Santa brings you. 

*Disclaimer, this product contains products sent to me by PR. 



  1. Ever since you started talking about that brush I've been dying to get it! My arms are too painful and weak to use hair straighteners often so I think this would be perfect for me xx

  2. I am definitely not one of those prepared people at all ... although in an Ideal World I would be (sorry, thought I would join in the fun)!

    Emma |

  3. I'm definitely eyeing up that brush too - hope Santa brings me one! x


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