Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Keeping Your Pet Safe At Christmas.

As a pet owner, christmas is full of opportunities to dress up your pet in christmas hats and jumpers for fun, right?

(He was as unimpressed as he looks) 

But we need to remember that Christmas can be full of dangers for pets that don't involve bad fashion.

How many of us have, in the past, given the dog the leftovers from Christmas dinner? Let the cat lick the plate? Or let the hamster run amok through the Christmas tree? It is easily done, right?

The RSPCA have created a handy infographic to help you keep your pet safe and happy this christmas. For example, did you know? Onion gravy can be toxic to dogs? Or that Christmas cake contains raisins that aren't suitable for dogs. It is so easy to forget, or just think that a small bit won't hurt.

It can.

A visual guide to a happy Christmas for pets

It may well be that the problem isn't with the feeding, but with your pet getting stressed over the christmas period. Dogs and Cats do not always respond well to changes in their routine. The RSPCA have created a section on their website to help owners keep pets calm this christmas. You can read more here.  Keeping Pets Calm At Christmas 

Do you have any handy tips and tricks to help keep your pet calm and safe over Christmas? 

Let me know. 

*Disclaimer. This post was created in conjunction with the RSPCA

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