Wednesday, 21 December 2016

You Are Not Alone - 2016

Christmas can be the best of times and for some, it can be the worst. We all need a little help at Christmas, even if it is just someone to say you can do this. I share these numbers every year, and I will continue to do so every year,  just to remind everyone. 

You Are Not Alone. 


Tel No   0300 123 3393


Tel No      116 123 

Alcoholics Anonymous

Tel No     0800 9177650 



Info line 08000 50 20 20 

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

Tel No    0207 837 7324



Tel No     0300 304 7000

Papyrus, Prevention of young suicide


National self-help body for the Transgender community

Beaumont Society


Information Line 01582 412220


Depression Alliance



Tel No     0808 2000 247

Beating eating disorders.

Help line 0345 634 1414
Youth Line 0345 634 7650


Tel No    0808 800 4444

NHS Non-Emergency Number


No Panic

Tel No  0844 967 4848

Youth helpline     01753 840393

Mens Advice Line 

Support line for male victims of Domestic Violence

0808 8010327

I will see you all in 2017



  1. Love how you do this every year Kellie. I'm really not doing well at the moment. Struggling with loneliness, bad health...
    I've had to disappear from Twitter for a bit...the effect it has on me, is not good. Seeing others spread hatred and mindless trolling...really depresses me, the news fill me with anxiety.
    On Twitter you and I speak quite often, we follow a lot of the same people, and you always make me smile. Recently I discovered someone similar to you, a great blogger/writer I like, had muted me. I had a weird feeling for a long while, because whenever I spoke to her, she never replied. We used to chat a lot, I even wrote for her own blog once, but lately, she just stopped talking to me. When I finally figured it out, i felt so, so stupid. I know it's silly, it's "just" social media, but it takes me back to my school days, being ignored by the cool girls, laughed at. I try to stay positive, focus on feeling better, taking care of my health, but very easily I feel lost, and worthless, and then I start thinking about disappearing...just to make it all stop. Just to catch a breath.
    So, I'm staying away from Twitter, for my own sake. I don't hate social media, after all, it's is how I found you. You are always so funny and positive, and smile-inducing, even when you are angrily ranting about sexist or sizeist brands, Trump or whatever you thing is worth fighting against. I really do admire you.

    This is a very difficult time of the year for me, but just reading this post, with a list of resources, just the sentiment...makes me think that maybe I'm not such a weirdo, not the only one feeling this way. Makes me breathe a little more easily.
    I can't hate social media too much, and probably will go back to it one day, because through it I got to know you. There is good out there. Have a wonderful end of the year and an even better 2017.

  2. Thanks Kellie x Shared on my blog and linked back to you as always Merry Christmas x


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