Monday, 30 January 2017

What will we accept tomorrow?

"Oh GOD, Are people STILL going on about Trump?"

"Get over it" 

"Who do you think you are, a politician?" 

"It doesn't even affect you, why are you bothered about it"

"I can't change anything"

"I don't DO politics"

These are all statements that I have seen this morning on social media. They were not all directed at me, but others are coming forward and sharing stories of people trying to shut them down when they stand up and say that what is going on in the world is wrong.

I will never apologise for standing up and saying that what is going on in the world right now, is wrong. I CANNOT stay silent. I refuse to stay silent, and WHY WOULD I? What is the worst that can happen to me? a 41yr old white woman living in the UK? Maybe I lose some followers? There are people out there who are losing their LIVES. I don't care about numbers of followers, I care about what is right and wrong.

What else can happen to ME for speaking out? Perhaps I won't be suitable for some companies to want to work with me as I am too outspoken? I will live. I will survive.

I will not change my ideals, my sense of what is right or wrong, for a fucking lipstick or pair of shoes.

I KNOW my privilege means that any consequences of my actions are minimal. Remember, I beg you, there are currently people displaced from their HOMES, their countries, separated from their families. If we accept this today, what will we accept tomorrow?

Let me know, 


Monday, 23 January 2017

Be The Role Model You Want To See

So I wasn't chosen to be one of the Yours Clothing, #BeTheBlogger bloggers last week, and you know what? Thats ok. I won't lie. I was disappointed as HELL on Friday. I spent time wondering WHY I wasn't good enough to be chosen, what did others have that I didn't? Why them and not me?

And then I kicked myself HARD and picked my fine self up and came to the conclusion that there is NOTHING wrong with ME. It is not about the others being better than me, prettier than me, younger than me, or cleverer than me. THEY AREN'T ME. They are them, and I need to not compare myself to others. There were some absolutely amazing blog posts by the wonderful women in the final, and I support them and congratulate them for what they achieved and I will cheerlead them hard, all the way. It took til late Friday night to discover inner peace, and that was when I realised that I didn't LOSE anything, instead I GAINED so much.

I gained a lot of new friends. Some fabulous women who before this competition, I didn't even know. I think we all supported each other through this competition and will continue to do so from here on in. (waves pom poms)

I rediscovered a love of fashion blogging.

These pictures are two of my favourite images ever. I am DAMN proud of them. There is no-one who can take that away from me.

And over the years I have created some great fashion posts. I am 41 years old. I am plus size with crazy bright hair,

plus size bride with teal hair

big fashionista in black cape dress

and there is a place for me, and if there isn't. I will damn well MAKE ONE.

Who is with me?

Let me know


Thursday, 19 January 2017

A little bit of Magic from PrinterPix

I cannot believe that it has been 8 months since my wedding day. If I had to pick one day as a Groundhog day to repeat over and over, that day would definitely be it. It was an amazing day, and we made so many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever, but, because I am not allowed to walk around the house in my wedding dress, or wear the tiara everywhere I go, (This should be acceptable headwear for work though, right?) I need ways to remind myself of what a wonderful day it was and how I felt like a queen.

Enter PrinterPix. Printerpix contacted me to see if I would be interested in making a memory into one of their Magic Mugs, Now I love mugs, I have so many mugs in my house that my husband has actually had to tactfully suggest that we don't buy any more mugs....... ever. Whoops. Sorry, honey.

They are MAGIC MUGS, I am sure he didn't say anything about Magic Mugs.

Magic Mugs, Mugs that look black until you pour your hot beverage into them and BOOM, your picture appears.

or in my case, you pour your hot beverage into the cup and BOOM, one of your wedding pictures appear.

Look at them, who wouldn't want to sip tea from a mug like this?

Plus, you know what? This is Instagram worthy. Hashtag Magic Mug. Am I right? 


I love these mugs so much, They make a superb gift, either for someone else, or even a gift to yourself. I may buy myself another one and upload a topless shot of Tom Hardy to be put on it. i would drink SO MUCH HOT BEVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can check out the mugs here. MAGIC MUGS 

Now if Magic Mugs are not your thing, don't fret. The wonderful people at don't just sell mugs, they sell all sorts of personalised photo gifts, from a really cool Photo Slate, to photo books and even jigsaw puzzles.

Why not go and check them out.

*This post contains PR Samples

Monday, 16 January 2017

I want to #BeTheBlogger for Yours Clothing

Firstly, I have to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who pressed like and retweeted my entry into the Yours Clothing #BeTheBlogger competition. It is all thanks to YOU guys that I made the shortlist of bloggers, from which Yours Clothing are going to be choosing five bloggers for a year long contract to work with them. 

I wanted to create an article that stayed true to who I am. I don't want to preach to people, or tell people how to think, or what to wear or even how to feel. I wanted to do something positive, an extension of what the whole plus-size community does on a day-to-day basis, what we as women do all the time. I love fashion, I love experimenting with my style and my look and I refuse to wear clothes that are safe and boring. My size should never define my clothing choices. 
 Redhead wearing white tee shirt saying If All Else Fails Wear Red Lipstick
T-shirt - Yours ClothingSale.

So, what follows is my piece of creative writing to showcase what I can do to demonstrate to Yours Clothing that I would make a valuable, body-positive, fashionable, member of their blogging team. 

Red head holding an umbrella

Dress - Yours Clothing | Shrug - Yours ClothingAll available in sizes 16-36.

And so, with huge apologies to Rudyard Kipling, this is my version of the powerful poem; If. 

If you can keep your head high when all about you 
are trying to bring you down,
If you can trust in your own style when others try to doubt you,
and can ignore their frown. 
If you can rip up the fashion rule book, 
and make your style your own.
If you can find others who share your quirks, 
then you will know you are not alone.

If, like me, you see colour,
where others see only shape.   
If you can see a lesson learned,
Where others see only a mistake.     
If you can choose the clothes, 
which others dream to wear.
And be confident in all you are,
Then you are nearly there.

If you pay no heed to oft-used words, 
like flattering and slimming?
If you turn your back on clothing
that is merely body skimming.
If you can be the best you, you can be. 
Which you, will you be?

If you believe that your confidence 
comes truly from within, 
and use fashion as an expression of your happiness,
then let your journey begin.
If you wear the clothes, 
and wear them loudly.
If you wear what makes you happy
and you choose to wear it proudly.

Then... YOURS is the brand for you, my friend

And - which is more - YOU will be a Queen. 

Big Fashionista in Shirt Dress and top hat

Dress - Yours ClothingAvailable in sizes 16-36.

Let me know your thoughts.



Thursday, 12 January 2017


Ok, I am in shock. Apparently, as a woman. I have been doing Facebook ALL WRONG!!

Who knew? I didn't, did you? Now thankfully, Andy Hill, of The Metro, is here to tell us, where and how, women are doing Facebook all wrong.


I will link to the attempt to be controversial article at the bottom of my post if you feel like wasting a click, but if you don't, I GOT YOU BOO, let me summarise Andy's thoughts.

Firstly, women, we must stop saying it is "Wine O'Clock" Apparently, there is no such time.
Andy, THANK GOD FOR YOU. I genuinely thought that this was a real time and that I HAD to partake of a Shiraz at a certain time of the evening. But wait,  Andy then goes ahead and gives us permission to neck a bottle of wine for breakfast if we want to. I think Andy is a dick.

Next, Andy suggests we stop it with the snapshots of mediocre food. Oh he then wittily adds a picture of what looks like a turd on a plate just to really hammer home what mediocre food it. Andy is such a card.

Passive aggressive status updates are next on the list for Andy. Newsflash Andy, This is not exclusively done by women. Some of the post passive aggressive statements on social media are by men. (Cough, Donald Trump, cough)  Also Andy drops in that we must stop mentioning when we are going to have/have just had a friend cull. AGAIN, this is not just women. Anyone else starting to think that Andy has a problem with women?

Andy turns his attention to women firstly showing off and then moaning about their kids next. I worry that Andy has far too much time on his hands. At this point, may I suggest that Andy needs to deactivate HIS Facebook, or have a cull. He doesn't even have to announce he is having a cull. he can just do it. I recommend it. The poor man is obviously STRESSED OUT by social media, and women, He is REALLY stressed out by women. (I think Andy is single, or has recently been dumped)

Do you know what I am sick of, Andy from The Metro?  I AM SICK of MEN/MEDIA/EVERYONE trying to tell women what they should or shouldn't do. From what we WEAR, to what we post on Facebook. Somewhere out there, there will be a concerned MAN, telling us that we are doing it WRONG. ALL WRONG. "HERE IS HOW YOU SHOULD DO IT WOMEN, Let me show you the CORRECT WAY to do it. THIS is the way I WANT you to do it.

FUCK OFF, I am SICK of it. Absolutely sick of it. It is MY body, My Facebook, My rules. I will live my life MY WAY. I don't live my life for men, so I will NOT run it the way they want me to.

How about you?

*I did say I would link to the original article at the bottom but you know what. Fuck it, I am not giving them the satisfaction of click through traffic or a link. They can do one. Google it.


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

I Don't Like Mondays

Can I just fill you in on my Monday Morning? My apologies, this is probably REALLY self-indulgent but I need to share.

My alarm goes off at 7am Monday. It's the start of a new week, fresh beginnings and all that bollocks and I am going to grab Monday by the scruff of the neck and make it my bitch, RIGHT?

I hit the alarm on my phone and my phone goes skidding off the bedside table, onto the laminated floor with a crash that is so hard that just for a second, I pray that the crack was my ankle bone or something.

I jump out of bed, Sweet JESUS, the floor is so cold that I wonder if I have been pranked by being airlifted to the Arctic overnight. I fumble for my slippers, WHICH AREN'T THERE, and gently scoop up my phone with more tenderness than when any of my children have fallen down.

THE PHONE IS OK,  People, it is ok. I don't know where my slippers are and my house is freezing but the phone is not broken. By the way,  did the temperature drop by 30 degrees overnight? Who knows. I stumble up the stairs in search of liquids to fuel me (Coffee) the dog follows behind me, bashing me out of the way, making me wonder, just for a second, whether that bargain with God, my phone for my ankle, was such a good idea, AND I AM BLOODY FREEZING. I put the kettle on, (It's not my colour, so I take it off again) and go out for a quick cigarette to warm up outside.

The dog just stands there shaking like a leaf, panting like Donald Trump backstage at Miss World. Oh, Jesus, the dog has a mighty erection. It is 7am in the morning, Ain't no-one got time for this. I go in, pour the coffee, the dog trails in behind me, dripping on the floor boards. AND IT IS STILL COLD. grabbing my coffee, I check the thermostat, it says the room is 13 degrees and it is heating it up to 20, currently. I BEG TO FUCKING DIFFER.

I turn to the dog, he can't look me in the eye and I am trying to ONLY look in his eyes. This isn't going to work. He needs a distraction. I give him a jumbone to gnaw on (What? It works for me) whilst I go and check the radiators. Nope the radiators are not on. Which kinds sucks because I put a load of washing over the radiator last night, INCLUDING MY ONLY GOOD BRA, and it is all still wet.

ONE BRA? I hear you gasp, You dirty tramp, how do you manage to only have ONE bra? Well let me tell you. I am a 36GG, Those babies are NOT cheap, and for some reason, they all decided to end their lives at around about the same time over xmas. When I say end their lives, I mean by trying to end mine. That sudden stabbing pain in the rib case the NHS tell you to worry about. BRA WIRES. Over the last few weeks I have been impaled on more bra wires than...... well, we will just leave that one there. suffice to say, I am hand washing my bra of a night and hanging it over the radiator to dry. EXCEPT THE RADIATOR IS NOT ON, and now my bra is soaking wet, AND I AM FREEZING, and the dog's erection has still not gone down, and has anyone seen my Foundation?

Ah, yes, the foundation problem. I am currently riding out a Kidney infection that has left me feeling, (looking) like crap. If I have to work through it, I'm damn well going to look the best I can, rather than look as if I was dug up, fresh this morning. But I cannot find my foundation, and my bra is still wet and the radiators are not working and Oh god, we have no hot water!!!!! AND THE DOG STILL HAS AN ERECTION.

Fuck this shit. I put on the bra, (If watching me do that, isn't enough to make the dog lose his erection then I am bang out of ideas) I throw on some clothes, There is nothing in the house to make packed lunches, there is a scream of laughter from the living room. Oh joy, the ten year old is up and has noticed the dog's penis. I distract her by telling her we now live in the Arctic, she realises it is cold and goes to get dressed, still giggling like a.....well, ten year old.

By now, my bra is starting to freeze. Which means I now have icicles for tits. If I ever need a Gladiators name, it is going to be 'Ice Tits. I think the cold started going to my brain at this point. Did I make coffee? Has the dog's erection began to subside? He is nearly 15, I'm worried about his heart at this point. I throw him another Jumbone and make another coffee, pressing it against my bra to try to warm myself up a bit. The coffee, not the dog's erection.

It's raining, of course it is raining. This is a good thing though, it means I can have my hood up and not scare any neighbourhood children before 9am. (I like to save that treat for Lunchtime) I see off two children, I walk the other one to school, on the way back from the school, a car drives past and splashes me with cuddly puddle water.

The only part of me that is now dry, is my bra.

And that was my Monday.

How was yours?


Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year, Same Old Me- A rant


January marketing by brands, right there.

Let us get one thing straight here. Brands do not have YOUR best interests at heart. They do not care about how you look, about how you feel, or whether you are in a good place. Brands care about selling products. They care about the bottom line, their profit. That is the be all, and end all.

And if they have to make you hate yourself to get you to spend money, then some companies will do it.

January is always a time for change, companies know that. Weight loss, exercise, people get on the treadmill (See what I did there?) to reinvent themselves, and if you are going to do that, you are going to need, exercisegearyogamattrainersdietfoodnewclotheslipstickbiggerhousewithagardenpuppieshealthymealsskippingropedumbellslowcaloriealcoholalcoholfreealcoholmorelipstick. You get the idea?

and by god, they are going to sell you this stuff. Stuff you didn't even want, hell you didn't even know that you didn't want it until you were told that you needed to change yourself in January, reinvent yourself, BECAUSE IT IS JANUARY, the time of change, the time to LOSE THAT WEIGHT.

I want brands out there to tell me I am perfect how I am, I want brands that teach me how to love myself, to treat myself BECAUSE I am already worth it.

Any campaign that begins with New Year, New You. Is just telling you that you are NOT OK as you are. That you need to change. And quite frankly, I am SICK of this bullshit. Bored of this tired marketing that says you are worthless as you are. It needs to stop. This world is sick, it is full of hatred, for each other and for ourselves.

There HAS to be a better way,

Don''t you agree?

Are you sick and tired of being told you need to change yourselves to be worthy, what examples have you seen this January of brands being shitty in order to make you spend money.

Let me know your thoughts.

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