Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year, Same Old Me- A rant


January marketing by brands, right there.

Let us get one thing straight here. Brands do not have YOUR best interests at heart. They do not care about how you look, about how you feel, or whether you are in a good place. Brands care about selling products. They care about the bottom line, their profit. That is the be all, and end all.

And if they have to make you hate yourself to get you to spend money, then some companies will do it.

January is always a time for change, companies know that. Weight loss, exercise, people get on the treadmill (See what I did there?) to reinvent themselves, and if you are going to do that, you are going to need, exercisegearyogamattrainersdietfoodnewclotheslipstickbiggerhousewithagardenpuppieshealthymealsskippingropedumbellslowcaloriealcoholalcoholfreealcoholmorelipstick. You get the idea?

and by god, they are going to sell you this stuff. Stuff you didn't even want, hell you didn't even know that you didn't want it until you were told that you needed to change yourself in January, reinvent yourself, BECAUSE IT IS JANUARY, the time of change, the time to LOSE THAT WEIGHT.

I want brands out there to tell me I am perfect how I am, I want brands that teach me how to love myself, to treat myself BECAUSE I am already worth it.

Any campaign that begins with New Year, New You. Is just telling you that you are NOT OK as you are. That you need to change. And quite frankly, I am SICK of this bullshit. Bored of this tired marketing that says you are worthless as you are. It needs to stop. This world is sick, it is full of hatred, for each other and for ourselves.

There HAS to be a better way,

Don''t you agree?

Are you sick and tired of being told you need to change yourselves to be worthy, what examples have you seen this January of brands being shitty in order to make you spend money.

Let me know your thoughts.



  1. Hallelujah! It's difficult when so many friends are taken in and looking for support with their "lifestyle" changes but they are already awesome!

  2. I'm in two minds about this one as if people in general are wanting to use the new year to make positive changes for themselves, I think that's great, but I'm well aware of the industries which cash in on those who are vulnerable - whether it's gyms and their offers or Primark putting their sportswear to the front of the store. Personally, I'm making changes but I'm confident that I'm making them for the right reason (stepping on the scales before the new year and having a health focused reality check), rather than because society is telling me to.

    But agreed, if brands told me I'm perfect just the way I am, I'd be far more inclined to shop from them, rather than shoving offers down my throat.

  3. I'm making some changes because I want to, not because "Brand A" has told me I need to, and "Brand B" has told me I'm letting the side down. Brands A and B can get stuffed... and yes, if they're going to body shame me then they definitely won't get my custom!

    I'm getting fitter, by going to the gym a bit more (a gym that I was already a member of and that attracts all ages and body types, and where they'll leave you alone to get on with it or help you if you ask), eating well, getting more sleep and generally looking after myself. Didn't set ridiculous goals so as not to get discouraged, didn't start bang-on January 1st for the same reason.


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