Thursday, 23 February 2017

24 Hours To Live Your Life, What Would You Do?

Yesterday, I answered a tweet by the lovely Emma Bearman that asked,

my reply was simple. I am currently living my BEST life and if I had 24 hours left, I would just spend my precious time carrying on as normal.

Soppy? Maybe, but completely true.  Apart from seeing my family, who live quite a way away, I would change nothing. I am happy, I yearn for nothing, I deprive myself of nothing and I laugh every day.

What I would do with my last 24 hours is exactly the same as what I would do every day.

I appreciate everything that I have. From my husband, who I love, to my children who can make me laugh and cry in equal measure, even down to the weather, I look for the light in my life. I surround myself with good people. I live in a beautiful part of the world and I never look at what others have and feel jealousy. What would be the point?

I have a job that I love, a body that has never let me down and family that love and support me. I know that I am lucky but I work hard for my luck.

But what would YOU DO?

If you had just 24 hours left in this world, what would YOU do with your time? Would you want to try something new? Visit somewhere you have never seen before? Or stay exactly where you are and appreciate what you have?

Let me know.


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

When Companies Don't Retweet.

I'm kind of throwing this one out there to you guys today. Recently, I've noticed that doing a lot more fashion posts has put me in touch with a lot more brands than in the past. I love working with brands, who wouldn't? As bloggers, depending on the style of blog you write, sometimes the aim is to work with companies that you love and admire, for some it isn't and we just want to write down our words and say what we want to say. Every blogger is different, it is what makes us so varied and means that there is room in this blogosphere for  EVERY . SINGLE . ONE . OF . US. 

But lately, I've noticed a real change in the air, from bloggers having their images lifted from their blogs to be used in sponsored campaigns, without even crediting the original blogger, to bloggers being told that their content isn't good enough and they aren't going to be paid for their hard work.

One thing I have noticed personally is the lack of RT's from companies. There is NOTHING better than seeing a brand retweet your blog post, is there? And it feels so damn good when they do, but the radio silence when you share your post and the brand doesn't even acknowledge it on social media?


We all want our work to be read by as many people as possible, of course we do, and when we have written a BANGING post with KILLER imagery that we have worked extremely hard on, we want the brand involved to push that retweet button, not only to spread our post far and wide, but also, it gives us a sense of pride and a feeling of achievement that "OUR" brand loves our work enough to give us a RT.

There are plenty of brands out there that do this, One I ALWAYS see RT'ing their bloggers is Navabi. They LOVE their bloggers and always share content that features their clothing, in fact they RT good blog posts that celebrate people, full stop.

But for every great company like Navabi, or Ideal World, who I recently worked with, there are TEN that won't RT,


Does anyone know?

Perhaps the blogger isn't "On Brand" enough? Or the PR company behind the brand doesn't want to flood their social media with blog posts? I don't know the actual answer, so I am throwing it out to you guys.

How do you feel when a brand you work with doesn't share your posts socially? Does it even matter to you? Or do you feel disappointed when you don't get a RT?

And how do you feel when they DO share your posts? Does it make you feel special? Or are you not bothered?

Let me know.


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Just Be You, With Lisa Riley-From Ideal World

Have you heard of the brand, Just Be You?

Created by Lisa Riley,  (yes, THAT Lisa Riley) the name came from her mum, who when Lisa told her how worried she was about participating in Strictly, told her "Darling, just be you."  Lisa used the name in memory of her mum and it just really works, doesn't it? I love it.

Firstly, can we talk about this jumpsuit. I have NEVER worn a jumpsuit before in my LIFE. I didn't think I would find one that suited my style, or worked for me. I take it all back. This jumpsuit GIVES ME LIFE, and the embroidery motif is so perfect for Spring. I am seeing embroidery everywhere so far this year. FINALLY, I AM FASHIONABLE, at the RIGHT TIME.

Lady wearing jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is comfortable, and pardon me if this sounds boring but it WASHES so well. Yes, I am pretty sure that is not something a lot of bloggers would consider to be important enough to put in a fashion post, but trust me, I need to wash and go, and this is easily washed, dries like a dream and does not require ironing. (I may live in it) 

Lady wearing Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so easy to dress up or down. Wear it with heels and you can go out, wear it with flats and you can trot down to Asda (Other supermarkets also available) and do the weekly shop.
Currently, this is available on the Ideal World website here -> Just Be You, Floral Jumpsuit
Available up to a size XXL  (8-26) it is £39.99.

The second outfit I want to show you is this Just Be You, Oriental Print Wrap Dress
As the weather gets warmer, my eye turns to more floral prints like this. Bright and eye-catching, this wrap dress is not wrapped from the waist, the wrap actually comes from the neck, giving a cheeky little flash of leg occasionally.

Lady wearing dress 

Once again, OMG, it washes up like a DREAM! Yes, I am old, I'm not sorry.

lady sitting on seat

This dress is also available NOW from Ideal World, usually £34.99 it is currently only £29.99. BARGAIN. trust me on this.

Lady wearing dress

You can check out more of the Just Be You Collection on the Ideal World website here

Ideal World, Just Be You

I am tempted to buy the jumpsuit in another colour.

What is your favourite item from the Spring Collection?

Let me know.


Monday, 20 February 2017

Masquerade with Lindy Bop

If you asked me what style I am most confident in, I would reply, skirts and tops. Every time. Sure, I love dresses. What's not to love? But skirts? Skirts that stop traffic and give me a chance to wear a bit of my personality are my absolute fave.

This Masquerade skirt from Lindy Bop is the latest sale purchase that I have fallen in love with. Linda Bop fans will know that there is also a dress in this print as well but I wanted to snap up the skirt as the shape of it is just so beautiful.

Big Fashionista wearing a Lindy Bop Masquerade Skirt

I especially love this skirt when worn with a petticoat underneath, I need to buy more petticoats in different colours, I love the flashes of colour they can bring to an outfit.

Black and White pic of woman wearing a skirt

I teamed the skirt with a plain top, but I really want to try it with a crisp, fitted white shirt, (when I can finally find one that actually fits.) 

Big Fashionista wearing a Masquerade print skirt

Close up of the print. Isn't it just stunning? 

Fabric with a mask

You can find the skirt and dress still in the sale HERE. The sizes are limited but Lindy Bop have SO many different styles available that even if this one is not available in your size, I am pretty sure you will be able to find a style that you love. Check out their NEW IN section as well. Lindy Bop, NEW IN

Are you a fan of Lindy Bop?  Is there anything new in that you have your eye on?

Let me know in the comments.

*Disclaimer, this is not a sponsored post nor does it contain PR samples. This skirt was purchased by myself and blogged about because I love it.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

I'm An Emotional Wreck-Period

I am a strong, independent woman. I pay my own way. I am going back to college to study and occasionally, my underwear matches. I think I am doing all the adulting I can. I manage my finances, I am raising three wonderful children,

So why, today am I sobbing at a man sacrificing his Tesla car to save another man having a stroke on a highway?

Checks calendar.

Oh, Ok. It is coming up to THAT time of the month. LOL, I guess my body is not my own for the next week then?

WHY is it that I become a slave to my hormones at this time of the month? Don't get me wrong, I can function as a human, I can make tough decisions and I can still be a valuable member of society (disclaimer for all the misogynists out there thinking women can't do shit) but I tell you, I am going to cry about it.

I just want to be in control of my own emotions. Dog videos over the next week are a no no. I EVEN CRIED AT JAMES BLUNT on BBC Breakfast this morning, (Thanks, James, I AM beautiful) 

My brain also whispers horrible things to me at this time of the month. "No-one likes you" and "Yes, that skirt does make you look fat." At any other time, I would shout straight back, "The skirt doesn't make me look fat, I AM fat, deal with it, bish" but around this time, NOPE. The skirt goes back into the wardrobe, in fact, it might be easier if I get in the wardrobe.

I am a wreck. A terrible wreck and it is not my fault. Normal service should resume in a week or so.

Do you feel me?


DO YOU?????????


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Spa Time with Boohoo, #MyBoohooStyle

I know it is February, but pretty much everyone I know is now yearning for summer and some warmth on our backs. I know I am.

But, being plus size, I waver between an 18-20, I always used to start to feel uneasy, as it got warmer, about baring my body, either in the pool, on the beach, or just being out-and-about.

Big Fashionista in swimming pool

You know what? Life is too short. Last week I was invited to Village Hotels in Headingly with Boohoo to experience a Spa evening, which included a dip in the pool. Boohoo very kindly gifted us a swimsuit to wear and I was BRICKING it.

"What do I wear?"

"Am I going to be in the pool with some beautiful bloggers looking like Shamu in comparison?"

"Can I wear a wrap in the pool?"

All genuine thoughts that ran through my head whilst I was looking for a swimsuit to wear. (Side note, CURRENTLY, and I will forgive Boohoo as it IS February, the plus size selection of swimsuits available is not the biggest selection ever. If you are going on a hen do and need a swimsuit, you are sorted but other than that, it is not a HUGE selection at the moment. HOWEVER, Boohoo have told me that they are constantly adding to the swimsuit range and more and more PS swimsuits are coming to the website ASAP.)

In the end, I decided that swimsuits are stretchy for a reason and I went for a size 16 swimsuit with Flamingos on it because if I am going to do it, I AM GOING TO DAMN WELL DO IT AND OWN MY OWN BODY. You can buy the same swimsuit here -> Miami Flamingo Frill Bardot Swimsuit

When it arrived, OH MY GOSH, it is amazing, In fact, it is superb. I have never felt quite so confident in a swimsuit before, and I didn't even take a second to compare my own body to other bloggers because we were all queens in our swimsuits who shine bright in our own bodies and do not need to compare ourselves to others. and I didn't wear the wrap that I had thrown in my bag ONCE

Bloggers in swimwear

(Emma at Lucinda at and Dash at )

Look at how wonderful we ALL look.

bloggers in pool


We then spent some time in the Spa area, learning how to give ourselves a facial, using ESPA products. The light in the room was EXCELLENT for facials, not so great for pictures and I was actually enjoying myself so much, that I forgot to take lots and lots of pictures at this point. Trust me, it was a lot of fun and really interesting.

Many thanks to Boohoo and Village Hotels, I had a superb evening and I am really happy to have found a swimsuit that makes me feel so comfortable and stylish.

Plus, this was my FIRST EVER visit to a spa, I think I will have to go again.

What do you think?

Are you looking forward to Summer or do you dread the swimsuit too?

This event was part of the Boohoo ‘Treat Yourself’ Spa Tour
For an exclusive 10% discount off treatments or food and drink at Village use voucher BOOHOO10 – For 20% off Everything at Boohoo use voucher BOOHOOXVILLAGESPA20

Let me know,


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day with Joanie Clothing

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there. Yes, I know Valentine's Day isn't for everyone but  it gave me an excuse to wear this Joanie Clothing dress and style it up with a beautiful red balloon.

What is not to love?

Big Fashionista wearing a Black Dress carrying a red heart shaped balloon

I think we have firmly established that I am a HUGE fan of Joanie Clothing, lately. I own so many of their pieces and I haven't stopped buying yet. I know that a lot of people are incredibly sad that they only go up to a size 22, and I do hope that they look again at their sizing as I know a lot of my plus size friends would LOOK amazing in these clothes and spend a lot of money with them.

Girl kissing a heart shaped balloon

This dress is the Joanie Clothing, Ronnie Ney York Collar Dress, perfect for Valentine's Day, Date Night, doing the weekly shop or just putting on to feel amazing in. plus, it is only £35, I don't find that excessive to pay for a beautiful dress like this, do you?

woman carrying a heart shaped balloon

I shared a lot of other pictures on my Instagram of this dress yesterday, you can take a look here if you would like to.  I am also going to be wearing this dress today as it is Valentine's Day and I am spending the day with my gorgeous husband. DATE DAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 

Here is a link to the beautiful Joanie Clothing, Ronnie NY Collar Dress, if you want to see more. 


Woman in black dress holding onto balloon

What do you think of my new favourite dress? Do you love it as much as I do? 

Let me know. 


Monday, 13 February 2017

The Cocktail Experience Returns

Launching last year in Leeds, The Cocktail Experience is back, and this year promises to be even bigger.

March 3rd 2017 will see 18 different bars from across Leeds, all converge upon Aspire, in the centre of Leeds to showcase their BEST cocktails for YOU.

I was lucky enough to attend the press event last week, which gave me a chance to try lots of different cocktails from bars such as Jakes's Bar and Still, 53 Degrees North, The Botanist and many, many more.

Cocktail on bar

Now, I am NOT saying that by the end of this event I was worse for wear, but I THINK I ate my bus ticket along with my chips at the bus stop. I had my ticket in my hand when I started eating my chips, and then when my chips were gone, so was my bus ticket. This to me is the sign of a GOOD NIGHT.

Cocktail in front of a bunch of daffodils

Leeds is full of great bars and events like this make me extremely proud of my home. I am looking forward to the event, being held on March 3rd. I will definitely be attending for the chance to see a lot more bars. (I may book myself a cab though, rather than risk another bus ticket) 

If you want to attend the event, you can buy your ticket from but be quick, last years event was a sellout.

On a fashion-related note, can we take a quick moment to appreciate my Joanie Clothing skirt that I wore to the event? 

Big Fashionista wearing a skirt with Cocktail Glasses On it

It has cocktail glasses on it!!!!

It is still available in all sizes in the SALE too.

The skirt is so full and the material is so beautiful, I highly recommend getting it, even if you can't think where you would wear it, it is a classic piece that will look good forever.

Or you could get it, purchase a ticket to The Cocktail Experience event and wear it there.

Who's in?

Let me know


Friday, 10 February 2017

Treating Yourself This Valentine's Day? I Think Not

As a blogger, I get a lot of interesting and exciting emails hitting my inbox each week, so you can imagine my interest this morning when I got an email titled,

Love YOURSELF this Valentine's Day.

I kid you not, I was HERE for this. I am ALL about loving yourself and treating yourself. (My bank balance will confirm this) I excitedly clicked open the email to find that I should "Spread the love this Valentine's Day" with........


Now my instant thought is, "hmmmmmmm, saucy."  Live and let live, right?

BUT NO, This is hot wax to rip the hair out of my face, legs, armpits and everywhere else that society deems women should not have hair, and this my friends, is someones idea of treating myself on Valentine's Day?

This needs a quizzical baby meme.

Whoever came up with this campaign, I pity their significant other on February the 14th as they are shit out of luck on the romance front.

I do not know what kind of crack someone is smoking to be able to think, "You know how some women want to be treated and loved on Valentine's Day? I think we COULD be able to tie this in with some wax strips, AND, get this, get this, we can frame it in such a way that we tell them they are TREATING THEMSELVES"

I do NOT want to treat myself to some hot wax strips this Valentine's Day, thank you very much. I do not give a damn whether "a fresh wax can instantly improve your mood and help you embrace all corners of your body" (Plus, I truly do believe that my body has any corners, thank you very much)


Am I wrong here? Should I be spending my Valentine's Day removing body hair AS A TREAT?

Let me know, coz I am tearing my hair out here. (See what I did there?)


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Emotional Shopping

Tell me I am not the only person who shops when they are tired? I know about the recommendation not to go food shopping when you are hungry, but why does no-one warn you about shopping when you are tired/cross/pre-menstrual/menstrual/post-menstrual/bored.


For me, it is lipsticks and skirts. Tired Kellie has expensive tastes that Well-Rested Kellie does not indulge. The minute I have less than 5 hours sleep, Tired Kellie whips out the credit card and starts browsing, AND BUYING. (Currently she is searching for a vintage leather backpack and metallic liquid lipsticks) I wouldn't mind, but perhaps I am tired because I'm working to pay for her last spree.

Emotional shopping is a bitch because it also comes with added guilt. You probably didn't actually want what you were buying but for that split second, it gives you a rush that soothes the fact that you cannot have what it is you actually WANT, like sleep. But then it arrives, and instead of enjoying it, you think, "WHY did I buy that?" and "What was I thinking?" or, "How many blue lipsticks can one woman own?" (That one might just be me)

So when are YOU a dangerous shopper? Is it when you are tired? or when you are upset?

and more importantly, should I buy THIS BAG?

vintage leather bag

I need a bag for college........... and a few new lipsticks.

Let me know

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