Thursday, 2 February 2017

Emotional Shopping

Tell me I am not the only person who shops when they are tired? I know about the recommendation not to go food shopping when you are hungry, but why does no-one warn you about shopping when you are tired/cross/pre-menstrual/menstrual/post-menstrual/bored.


For me, it is lipsticks and skirts. Tired Kellie has expensive tastes that Well-Rested Kellie does not indulge. The minute I have less than 5 hours sleep, Tired Kellie whips out the credit card and starts browsing, AND BUYING. (Currently she is searching for a vintage leather backpack and metallic liquid lipsticks) I wouldn't mind, but perhaps I am tired because I'm working to pay for her last spree.

Emotional shopping is a bitch because it also comes with added guilt. You probably didn't actually want what you were buying but for that split second, it gives you a rush that soothes the fact that you cannot have what it is you actually WANT, like sleep. But then it arrives, and instead of enjoying it, you think, "WHY did I buy that?" and "What was I thinking?" or, "How many blue lipsticks can one woman own?" (That one might just be me)

So when are YOU a dangerous shopper? Is it when you are tired? or when you are upset?

and more importantly, should I buy THIS BAG?

vintage leather bag

I need a bag for college........... and a few new lipsticks.

Let me know



  1. Browsing online shops is my number 1 go to when I'm bored. Course it's always theoretical since I'm always skint. The worst is when sites do competitions like win £200 to spend on our site. Or American website Dolls Kill do this thing occasionally that if you add $1000 worth of stuff to your wishlist you are automatically entered into a competition to win it. A lot of the stuff isn't my smile (or size) but there are awesome shoes and some oversized clothes and kimonos that can work for plus size people. It's all very edgy, Goth, drug references etc but there are gems, Doc Marten boots for example :D

    Also you should totally buy that bag. It looks like it's leather so it'll last forever, it's an investment! And tons of pockets - you can never have too many pockets.

  2. um, may I recommend Colourpop's metallic liquid lip range, they are banging xx

  3. When my depression rears it's ugly head my spending habits go insane. Apparently this is quite common, but it causes me problems as I often don't remember what I bought till it arrives.

  4. The bag is sexy!
    I buy when I'm emotional too, stressed and depressed are key triggers for me. Very frustrating!

  5. Well... as I read this I am currently buying art to make myself feel better so yeah!
    I tend to buy things for the house or art equipment. I try and keep my sprees to useful or beautiful things, and less on clothes these days because I have too many and it's oppressive now.

    Love the bag, I need a decent waterproof rucksack that isn't a hiking one.

  6. I used to shop when I was sad and lonely and then hated everything I bought because it brought back those feelings when I looked at them. Plus the guilt!! Now I shop when I need to or I'm happy :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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