Thursday, 16 February 2017

I'm An Emotional Wreck-Period

I am a strong, independent woman. I pay my own way. I am going back to college to study and occasionally, my underwear matches. I think I am doing all the adulting I can. I manage my finances, I am raising three wonderful children,

So why, today am I sobbing at a man sacrificing his Tesla car to save another man having a stroke on a highway?

Checks calendar.

Oh, Ok. It is coming up to THAT time of the month. LOL, I guess my body is not my own for the next week then?

WHY is it that I become a slave to my hormones at this time of the month? Don't get me wrong, I can function as a human, I can make tough decisions and I can still be a valuable member of society (disclaimer for all the misogynists out there thinking women can't do shit) but I tell you, I am going to cry about it.

I just want to be in control of my own emotions. Dog videos over the next week are a no no. I EVEN CRIED AT JAMES BLUNT on BBC Breakfast this morning, (Thanks, James, I AM beautiful) 

My brain also whispers horrible things to me at this time of the month. "No-one likes you" and "Yes, that skirt does make you look fat." At any other time, I would shout straight back, "The skirt doesn't make me look fat, I AM fat, deal with it, bish" but around this time, NOPE. The skirt goes back into the wardrobe, in fact, it might be easier if I get in the wardrobe.

I am a wreck. A terrible wreck and it is not my fault. Normal service should resume in a week or so.

Do you feel me?


DO YOU?????????



  1. I feel you. I've a week to go and already can feel the inner stroppy stayed up too late and now teary toddler in me creeping forward. No amount of evening primrose, supplements or - dammit - carbs and chocolate help.

    1. I'm self-medicating with Thorntons chocolates.

  2. I feel you! My period does really strange things to me - I get awful headaches, uncontrollable hunger, and generally just want to sleep all the time. I am definitely not a fully functioning adult right now!

    C xx

    1. Mate, I need an adultier adult to do my adulting for me

  3. I feel you! Last month I felt a massive urge to start bawling in the middle of Subway. Just when you think you're used to periods and PMS , they swing another curve ball



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