Thursday, 16 February 2017

I'm An Emotional Wreck-Period

I am a strong, independent woman. I pay my own way. I am going back to college to study and occasionally, my underwear matches. I think I am doing all the adulting I can. I manage my finances, I am raising three wonderful children,

So why, today am I sobbing at a man sacrificing his Tesla car to save another man having a stroke on a highway?

Checks calendar.

Oh, Ok. It is coming up to THAT time of the month. LOL, I guess my body is not my own for the next week then?

WHY is it that I become a slave to my hormones at this time of the month? Don't get me wrong, I can function as a human, I can make tough decisions and I can still be a valuable member of society (disclaimer for all the misogynists out there thinking women can't do shit) but I tell you, I am going to cry about it.

I just want to be in control of my own emotions. Dog videos over the next week are a no no. I EVEN CRIED AT JAMES BLUNT on BBC Breakfast this morning, (Thanks, James, I AM beautiful) 

My brain also whispers horrible things to me at this time of the month. "No-one likes you" and "Yes, that skirt does make you look fat." At any other time, I would shout straight back, "The skirt doesn't make me look fat, I AM fat, deal with it, bish" but around this time, NOPE. The skirt goes back into the wardrobe, in fact, it might be easier if I get in the wardrobe.

I am a wreck. A terrible wreck and it is not my fault. Normal service should resume in a week or so.

Do you feel me?


DO YOU?????????



  1. I feel you. I've a week to go and already can feel the inner stroppy stayed up too late and now teary toddler in me creeping forward. No amount of evening primrose, supplements or - dammit - carbs and chocolate help.

    1. I'm self-medicating with Thorntons chocolates.

  2. I feel you! My period does really strange things to me - I get awful headaches, uncontrollable hunger, and generally just want to sleep all the time. I am definitely not a fully functioning adult right now!

    C xx

    1. Mate, I need an adultier adult to do my adulting for me

    2. I feel you! and I'm on Team Charli - I suspect my ridiculous 'feeding' urge over the dreaded hormonal week is partly down to an imbalance in my body, and partly due to my stomach cramps being mistaken by my 'gob' for hunger pains. I can also be ridiculously emosh, and say horrible, grumpy, cutting things to my nearest & dearest. I'm hurtling towards the menopause so perhaps that's the reason behind PMT being worse, or maybe it's just the curve ball to which Chantal refers!

  3. I feel you! Last month I felt a massive urge to start bawling in the middle of Subway. Just when you think you're used to periods and PMS , they swing another curve ball



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