Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Just Be You, With Lisa Riley-From Ideal World

Have you heard of the brand, Just Be You?

Created by Lisa Riley,  (yes, THAT Lisa Riley) the name came from her mum, who when Lisa told her how worried she was about participating in Strictly, told her "Darling, just be you."  Lisa used the name in memory of her mum and it just really works, doesn't it? I love it.

Firstly, can we talk about this jumpsuit. I have NEVER worn a jumpsuit before in my LIFE. I didn't think I would find one that suited my style, or worked for me. I take it all back. This jumpsuit GIVES ME LIFE, and the embroidery motif is so perfect for Spring. I am seeing embroidery everywhere so far this year. FINALLY, I AM FASHIONABLE, at the RIGHT TIME.

Lady wearing jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is comfortable, and pardon me if this sounds boring but it WASHES so well. Yes, I am pretty sure that is not something a lot of bloggers would consider to be important enough to put in a fashion post, but trust me, I need to wash and go, and this is easily washed, dries like a dream and does not require ironing. (I may live in it) 

Lady wearing Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so easy to dress up or down. Wear it with heels and you can go out, wear it with flats and you can trot down to Asda (Other supermarkets also available) and do the weekly shop.
Currently, this is available on the Ideal World website here -> Just Be You, Floral Jumpsuit
Available up to a size XXL  (8-26) it is £39.99.

The second outfit I want to show you is this Just Be You, Oriental Print Wrap Dress
As the weather gets warmer, my eye turns to more floral prints like this. Bright and eye-catching, this wrap dress is not wrapped from the waist, the wrap actually comes from the neck, giving a cheeky little flash of leg occasionally.

Lady wearing dress 

Once again, OMG, it washes up like a DREAM! Yes, I am old, I'm not sorry.

lady sitting on seat

This dress is also available NOW from Ideal World, usually £34.99 it is currently only £29.99. BARGAIN. trust me on this.

Lady wearing dress

You can check out more of the Just Be You Collection on the Ideal World website here

Ideal World, Just Be You

I am tempted to buy the jumpsuit in another colour.

What is your favourite item from the Spring Collection?

Let me know.



  1. That jumpsuit is gorgeous! Love it!

    1. Ah thanks, March. I love it. I've worn it so many times lately!!!!

  2. The jumpsuit is divine on you - you utter beauty!

    C xx


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