Monday, 13 February 2017

The Cocktail Experience Returns

Launching last year in Leeds, The Cocktail Experience is back, and this year promises to be even bigger.

March 3rd 2017 will see 18 different bars from across Leeds, all converge upon Aspire, in the centre of Leeds to showcase their BEST cocktails for YOU.

I was lucky enough to attend the press event last week, which gave me a chance to try lots of different cocktails from bars such as Jakes's Bar and Still, 53 Degrees North, The Botanist and many, many more.

Cocktail on bar

Now, I am NOT saying that by the end of this event I was worse for wear, but I THINK I ate my bus ticket along with my chips at the bus stop. I had my ticket in my hand when I started eating my chips, and then when my chips were gone, so was my bus ticket. This to me is the sign of a GOOD NIGHT.

Cocktail in front of a bunch of daffodils

Leeds is full of great bars and events like this make me extremely proud of my home. I am looking forward to the event, being held on March 3rd. I will definitely be attending for the chance to see a lot more bars. (I may book myself a cab though, rather than risk another bus ticket) 

If you want to attend the event, you can buy your ticket from but be quick, last years event was a sellout.

On a fashion-related note, can we take a quick moment to appreciate my Joanie Clothing skirt that I wore to the event? 

Big Fashionista wearing a skirt with Cocktail Glasses On it

It has cocktail glasses on it!!!!

It is still available in all sizes in the SALE too.

The skirt is so full and the material is so beautiful, I highly recommend getting it, even if you can't think where you would wear it, it is a classic piece that will look good forever.

Or you could get it, purchase a ticket to The Cocktail Experience event and wear it there.

Who's in?

Let me know


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  1. All the pretty cocktails! I'm glad you managed to get home in one piece, bus ticket incidents aside!
    You look cracking too, of course! x


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