Friday, 10 February 2017

Treating Yourself This Valentine's Day? I Think Not

As a blogger, I get a lot of interesting and exciting emails hitting my inbox each week, so you can imagine my interest this morning when I got an email titled,

Love YOURSELF this Valentine's Day.

I kid you not, I was HERE for this. I am ALL about loving yourself and treating yourself. (My bank balance will confirm this) I excitedly clicked open the email to find that I should "Spread the love this Valentine's Day" with........


Now my instant thought is, "hmmmmmmm, saucy."  Live and let live, right?

BUT NO, This is hot wax to rip the hair out of my face, legs, armpits and everywhere else that society deems women should not have hair, and this my friends, is someones idea of treating myself on Valentine's Day?

This needs a quizzical baby meme.

Whoever came up with this campaign, I pity their significant other on February the 14th as they are shit out of luck on the romance front.

I do not know what kind of crack someone is smoking to be able to think, "You know how some women want to be treated and loved on Valentine's Day? I think we COULD be able to tie this in with some wax strips, AND, get this, get this, we can frame it in such a way that we tell them they are TREATING THEMSELVES"

I do NOT want to treat myself to some hot wax strips this Valentine's Day, thank you very much. I do not give a damn whether "a fresh wax can instantly improve your mood and help you embrace all corners of your body" (Plus, I truly do believe that my body has any corners, thank you very much)


Am I wrong here? Should I be spending my Valentine's Day removing body hair AS A TREAT?

Let me know, coz I am tearing my hair out here. (See what I did there?)



  1. I agree. Sod that. Wax is messy stuff too. I use a buzzy machine to pull hairs out, but would certainly not consider this as 'treating myself' on St V's day.

  2. Now, if they had offered to send you a free sample box of choccies, that would have been fine. In fact, put me down for a box too...

  3. If that's deemed as treating myself then I must really hate my body. I've never had a wax and I don't wish too EVER! I'm all for a bit of kinky pain, especially on Valentines but treating myself to unnecessary pain for the likes of others is just not happening. I'll take my fuzzy bush and prickly legs to the shops and buy myself some cake thanks

  4. OMG I find soooo many ridiculous Valentine emails too. I had one yesterday trying to upsell disposable contact lenses using Valentine's Day!?

    1. Jesus, how on earth did they manage to link contact lenses to valentines day?

  5. Just no.
    At least the only one I got was gin...


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