Sunday, 12 March 2017

Date Night, with tastecard

Now I don't know about you, but in my house, date night is special, with three children, two in their teens and one in their last year of primary school we don't get as many opportunities to spend time in each others company as we would like.

But when we DO get the chance............

A perfect date night in my opinion, HAS to include food. There is no room for negotiation here, I am having food, anything else you want to do, great. Want to go dance on tables? I am IN. Want to watch a movie? I will bring popcorn in my bag, (because NO-ONE can afford large drink, popcorn and a hot dog, oh and nachos) want to go and sit on the top of a hill, looking at the twinkling lights of the city below you and just spend time in each others company? I will do this as often as you like, but dear god, I WANT FOOD FIRST.

Which is where my tastecard comes in.

50% off or two-for-one deals means that my perfect date nights are even cheaper. (Does this mean I can spend more money on my outfit? It does, doesn't it? )

Pizza Express, Prezzo, Ask, even 2-4-1 on Papa Johns delivery. It is worth it for the pizza offers on their own.

(Well now I want pizza) 

In fact, I'm changing my mind. My perfect date night would involve STAYING IN AND EATING PIZZA and if my husband wants to join me.......... then that's ok too.

If you want more information on tastecard, check out the website I highly recommend taking a look, it has been one of those things that in the past I have just overlooked, but if food is your thing, you can save so much money by buying a tastecard, I have already saved more money than the outlay in a month.

What would be YOUR perfect date night?

Do you already have a tastecard?

Let me know what you think.

Who's up for pizza?

Let me know

*post contains PR samples


  1. Agreed, if a date night - or indeed any occasion - doesn't involve lots of food - what is the point?
    Cheap food is even better (because natually it equals MORE food!)

  2. Oh boy, I need a Taste Card so I can fill my face with food thanks to you! LOL!
    Bee xxx


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