Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Homesense Leeds

Everyone knows about Homesense, don't they? I have spent plenty of hours in my lifetime browsing through my local Homesense, picking up one off items that I love.

That's the thing about Homesense though isn't it? You can't walk away from an item that you are not sure whether to buy, because you know that if you change your mind later and go back to buy it, it won't be there and they usually won't have another one. I don't know about you, but that kind of pressure makes me buy it immediately, I can't take that risk that I won't buy it, will regret it and will never be able to find another one. The FOMO is STRONG.

Last week, I was invited to take a look around the brand new Homesense that has just opened in Leeds. Now this Homesense is different from a lot of other ones in that it is ON THE HIGH STREET. Most Homesense stores are on retail parks, in fact I was told that this is only the second store to be on a high street. Leeds, we are blessed.

The new Homesense store in Leeds is set over two floors and is an Aladdin's cave of treasures. Did I know I wanted a bird cage when I walked into the store? No, I didn't. Did I walk out with a bird cage? Yes, yes I did and I am not even sorry.

From beautifully set out furniture,

furniture in a store

to statues and sculptures of anything you could ever wish to display in your home.

Shelf of ornaments

Perhaps your heart desires a silver dog?

Silver dog

or some storage woven out of paper?

paper waste basket

That is the true beauty of Homesense though, isn't it? You don't actually know what you want, until you see it and then you can think of nothing else. I WISH I had purchased the penguin wash basket that I shared on my Instagram on Wednesday, I truly do. but I didn't. And now it is lost to me forever.

Other things that I drooled over in the store were the pastel Le Crueset stoneware, a gorgeous silver velvet chair and notebooks. LOTS and LOTS of notebooks.

I think I am going to be a regular visitor to the new Homesense store in Leeds, it has opened up on the Headrow, in the old Clas Ohlesen store. I urge you to pay them a visit if you are in Leeds. Just save some of the good stuff for me, and LET ME KNOW if you see a penguin wash basket, I BEG YOU.

You can check out where your nearest store is at http://www.homesense.com

Are you a Homesense fan? What have you been buying from there recently? Let me know.


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  1. So many pretty things! I need a good home clear-out as an excuse to re-accessorise! :D


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