Monday, 20 March 2017

Let's Hear It For The Sofa Desk

Let's face it, a pretty desk at home is wonderful for the 'Gram, but how many of you with a blogging desk end up covering your desk with clothes and working from the sofa?

I am sans desk, deskless, without a desk, I have no desk, and when I see people with beautiful desks that they work from, I turn a wonderful shade of green  just for a moment, before I remember, I HAVE A SOFA DESK.

The humble sofa desk comes with various optional extras, The sofa desk blanket is a popular bolt-on, as are the numerous sofa desk cushions that can also be artfully arranged onto the sofa desk making it into a sofa desk CAVE.

Even pets much prefer a sofa desk to a plain desk and there is a hell of a lot more room for pets on a sofa desk.

When I am at my sofa desk, I can put my feet up, I can curl up on my side, I can sit up straight if I choose, (this rarely happens) at a desk you are pretty restricted with your seating.

Ok, I will admit, my sofa desk can sometimes be taken over by other people (RUDE) I don't have as much storage as I would have, if I had a beautiful desk, and my stationery doesn't even have a HOME!! (Sad times, right?)

Would I have a desk if I had the room? HELL YES I WOULD.

Would I still blog from my sofa desk?

You know what, I probably would.

How about you?

Are you a desk or sofa desk kind of person?

Let me know



  1. I have a dining room table. I have lived in my flat for 2 1/2 years and am yet to sit at it. Why you may ask? Because why the hell would I sit at some cheap IKEA table on a wonky chair when I can be snug as a bug on my sofa. I am 100% team sofa and more than happy to get behind a comfy desk chair campaign. Why are there no armchair style desk chairs?!

  2. I write, work on my coursework, paint and draw, create and edit websites, music and more from my sofa desk. I have two upstairs but when I'm flaring up that is too far to go.

    Hurrah for the sofa desk!

  3. So true! My other half is resigned to perching on another (less comfortable) chair while I make a nest on the sofa. I call it my thinking space!

  4. I'm a firm supporter of the sofa desk! I've spend years working, studying and blogging from mine - - it even has arms wide enough to securely hold a cup of tea too!


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