Thursday, 9 March 2017

Models Own, Leeds. new store in Trinity Leeds

Following on from the "Bottle Shop" Models Own have just opened a brand new STORE in Trinity Leeds, A STORE. Now I am a huge fan of the Bottle-shaped stands in shopping centres, but lets face it, a store where you can walk around, play with products and take a moment to surround yourself with fellow make-up fans? YES PLEASE.

Balloon with Models Own printed on it

I visited the new Models Own store last week to experience the store whilst it was closed, just me, quite a few other bloggers and fellow make up fans and the owners of Models Own, who can I just take a moment or two to say, are really, really, REALLY nice guys. They brought tears to my eyes with the talk of their love for cosmetics, what they have learnt along the way and also their brotherly love. I find it SO much easier to give all my money to companies with a heart. Models Own TRULY has a heart.

Lets talk about the store.

I think Models Own are best known for their Nail Varnishes, hence the Bottle Shops, but did you know how many more products Models Own create? A HUGE AMOUNT, you can cover your WHOLE face in purely Models Own if you so desire.

From the Supernatural Palette which is fast gaining cult status, to the beautiful gold sheen in the Sculpt and Glow highlight collection, you can find everything in you need/want/desire at Models Own.

Take a look at some of the imagery below.

bottles of Models Own Nail varnish

Lipstick display stand in Models Own Leeds

Lipstick Stand at Models Own Leeds Store

Stand of nude make up in Models Own Leeds Store

The Dare To Bare collection is just stunning. I can't wait to get just a hint of summer colour as this collection is just crying out to be worn in the sun. I have also fallen head over heels with everything in the Holochrome collection. HELLO Holochrome lipgloss.

The new store is now open in Trinity Leeds, if you aren't lucky enough to live in Leeds, check out where your nearest store or bottle shop is here

or you can purchase online here 

Are you a fan of Models Own? Whats your GO TO product? Mine is definitely the Sculpt & Glow palette.

Let me know



  1. I'm so behnd on the times - I thought models own just did nail polish!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? Babe, they sell everything and I love it ALL.


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