Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Broken iPhone chargers, don't get your fingers burnt

Up until yesterday morning, I always charged my phone overnight, via my bedside lamp that has a USB charger in the back of it. Like most bloggers people, the thought of my iPhone dying halfway through the day fills me with the FEAR. I charge my phone overnight and then usually have it on charge at some point in the afternoon too.

Until yesterday morning, when I woke up to THIS.

It was absolutely white hot and the smell in the room was just absolutely awful, I quickly took the charger out of the USB and just felt SICK at the thought of what could have happened.

What if I was one of those people who stick their phone under their pillow?

Or what if one of my three children would have used that charger to charge up their phones? Leaving it plugged in for days on end without paying attention to it. It just really does not bear thinking about, does it?

When I posted the picture on Instagram, a lot of people commented, "Cheap charger, thats what happens when you buy a cheap charger" but I am pretty sure that this is not a cheap charger as we usually buy my chargers from Apple, or we get a new one with our new phones. In the last 4 years I know for definite that I haven't purchased a cheapo charger.

The wire was ever so slightly damaged, at the top, you know, where every single bloody Apple charger seems to give way, but I NEVER, EVER expected to wake up to the smell of burning, end up with a scorched bedside table and a small blister on my finger.

But I just keep thinking it could have been SO much worse.

Today, I beg you. PLEASE look at your chargers, ALL of them, check them for damage and if they are damaged, THROW THEM AWAY. Replace them if you can but please, if your charger is damaged in any way.


I won't say that my house would have burnt down, if I hadn't have noticed it, I just don't know what would have happened. I don't want to EVEN think about it.

Has this ever happened to you?

How would you feel if you woke up to this?

Plus, let me know if you check your chargers. Can we have something good come out of this please?


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  1. Oh wow. Thank goodness you are all okay


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