Thursday, 13 April 2017

Entrance Music, music to enter to

Does anyone else find it REALLY hard to enter a room?

When I first moved from London to Leeds, I found going to events quite daunting when I didn't know anyone at all. (That changed quickly, Leeds bloggers are possibly the friendliest bunch you can hope to meet) To be honest, I was always a little anxious about going anywhere where I didn't know anyone, until I found myself some entrance music.


Ok, so we can't always be as awesome as Kesha but the one thing I found helpful when entering a room was having some entrance music, either playing on my phone via earphones, or having a kickass song in my head, giving me some confidence to kick ass and take names. (This may be a bit of exaggeration, more like giving me the confidence to kiss ass and take pics, but you get the drift?)

My main song of choice over the years has always been The Raconteurs, Steady As She Goes, or occasionally,  Killer Queen by Queen.

Before then, I would shake outside for at least 20 minutes, trying to build up the confidence to enter.

Now, I'm strutting. (well, not exactly but you know what I mean?)

So I'm asking today, do you have entrance music? Either to help you overcome anxiety or just because it gives you an extra boost of confidence?

If you do, what is your go-to tune?

If you don't and now I've got you thinking, what WOULD be the song you would love to enter a room too.

Let me know



  1. Bitch, Meredith Brooks. It goes through my head constantly.

  2. When I got married I walked in to Loved Walked In by Thunder. Waited for the chorus, was super dramatic and awesome, and now it's always my entrance music!

    1. Oh YES. Perfect.

      We saw Thunder recently, we love them so much.

  3. haha this is brilliant, I can just imagine you doing this!
    I might have to try it next time I'm out in public!


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