Sunday, 14 May 2017

What I have learnt in my first year of marriage

So today is my first wedding anniversary. My husband and I (I do love saying that) have now experienced one year of blissful marriage.

What have I learnt in my first year of marriage?

Absolutely nothing that I didn't already know. 

I knew from the minute I first laid eyes on him, that I wanted to be with this man forever.

I knew that we were perfect for each other.

I knew that, despite the fact that when we we first met, I lived in London and he lived in Leeds, we were going to make it work.

and I knew that neither of us had ever experienced love or a relationship like this before.

Our wedding was perfect, well, apart from my husband falling victim to a bug that both my daughter and I had the week before the wedding. He spent the night before and the morning of the wedding being extremely ill. Poor guy, he didn't eat any of the wedding breakfast, in fact he didn't eat anything for about three days after the wedding either, thats how sick he was.

It was so great to see my London family and friends mixing with all the friends I have made in Yorkshire. Both sides really enjoyed meeting each other and some great friendships were created on that day.

Quite possibly, my wedding day was my favourite day of my life.

Do you want to see some pictures?

I've never shared these ones before, so I hope you enjoy.

wedding table

We got married on Eurovision so what else could our theme be but music?

black and white groomsmen picture

 Men doing mens stuff.

black and white back of wedding dress

I absolutely loved my dress and I knew I really wanted a train, it hitched up in the evening but LOOK AT IT.

wedding picture

 One of my best friends, Katy, fixing my veil after it came off.

Look, it is the beautiful Lynnette Peck, not only did I marry a man I met on twitter but I have made some friends via twitter that I consider friends for life.

shoes painted with music notes and flowers

 My husband handprinted these shoes as a wedding gift for me. Musical theme and the colour matches my hair and the colour scheme. These shoes were actually white, he changed the colour to look like music paper. How clever is he?

seating plan

 Yes, we had our own logo. The perks of marrying a graphic designer. He created everything.

two hands wearing wedding rings
My father died many years ago, so my brother gave me away, but the charm bracelet wrapped around my bouquet was a gift from my dad to my mum so it felt like he was there too.

group shot of bride groom and family celebrating

Family, every single person who came to celebrate our big day with us. We are so pleased and proud to have been surrounded by people who love and support us. Whether they travelled from miles away or from close by, we were touched by everyones best wishes and love on the day and ever since.

I had the best wedding day and today we are celebrating our first anniversary as a family.

Have a great day, I hope you love the pictures as much as I enjoyed the day.


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Dove Body Wash, Body Positivity or Marketing Ploy?

Ok, can we talk about this?

Let me repeat the crap that Dove are spouting line that Dove are taking with this

"Each bottle evokes the shapes, sizes, curves and edges that combine to make every woman their very own limited edition,"


Show me, as a plus size woman where I asked for a gimmick designed by a company that doesn't always have the best track record on body positivity. 

Show me, WHY we need this? 

I wish companies such as Dove would stick to making products FOR my skin instead of trying to get UNDER our skin. This faux concern for me as a person and how I feel about myself is just getting annoying now. Let's not forget, Dove have been pretty hit and miss with their campaigns in the past, and whilst I would much rather companies do acknowledge body positivity, I am starting to feel as if Dove are now targeting Body Positivity as a selling point and just using it to sell more bottles. 

Other questions I have about the new Dove bottles.

What happens if I use the wrong bottle? 

Will there be changing rooms added into Superdrug and Boots so I can try the new bottles on? 

Can I share a bottle of this with someone who has a different body shape or would they be better off buying their own bottle? 

Are we meant to collect all the different shapes as if they are some kind of freaky Pop Vinyls?

And my most burning question for the Dove Marketing team, 

Would you not have been more Body Positive if you DIDN'T separate bottles into different shapes, and instead made one bottle with the tag line, ONE SIZE FITS ALL? 

Surely thats Body Positivity? 

Let me know. 


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spring/Summer Transition With Chums

Yes, I know we are barely into Spring but trust me, you will blink and before you know it, it will be 90 degrees and you will be sweating like Jimmy Carr in his accountants office.

So my friends at Chums have created a handy infographic to help you sort out your S/S style.

Now I REFUSE to tell you what you can and cannot wear. If you like it, WEAR IT, I don't care whether the RULES tell you that you shouldn't wear something, WE DO NOT PLAY THAT WAY. You want to wear the front fastening bra from chums the horizontal stripes, the tight fitting jeans? WEAR THEM. As the infographic says, 53% of respondents don't bother to follow fashion trends, and I want these people to be my friends. Who needs to follow the RULES?

My main tip for the Spring/Summer transition?

Wear what makes you HAPPY.

Don't you agree?

Let me know your thoughts.

*This post created in conjunction with Chums.


Monday, 8 May 2017

Announcing the death of the unicorn

I am sorry to announce that at 12.01, on the 8th of May, the Unicorn was finally declared to be deceased.

The unicorn is no more.
It is an ex-unicorn.
It has ceased to be
It rests in peace.

The Unicorn died from a condition called, PUTTING IT ON BLOODY EVERYTHING.

Unicorn brushes, Unicorn doughnuts, Unicorn nails, Unicorn Frappe,

Unicorn fucking toast. TOAST? FUCKING TOAST? Are you shitting me? (and is it unicorn shit?) 

Don't get me wrong, I bloody love unicorns, but let's get real here. (unlike the goddamn unicorns) we have a habit of taking something and just RUINING IT.

We overdo it, we stick it everywhere until we are sick of it, and then we move onto the next thing and just suck that dry too.

Mermaids, they are COMING FOR YOU.


Do you know how I know the Unicorn craze is over?

Let me introduce you to the Unicorn Dildo...........
(Never thought I would type that, if i'm honest)

You know where you can stick that............................

Personally, I still love the unicorn trend, but I wish it was used more sparingly. STOP putting it EVERYWHERE. I beg you.

And leave the Flamingoes alone. Seriously, I don't even want to think about a Flamingo Dildo.

Do you?

Let me know your thoughts on these trends, Is the Unicorn dead? Is the Flamingo endangered?

Let me know.


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Happy Blogiversary to me. Big Fashionista is SEVEN!

Oh my god, they grow up so fast, don't they?

Seven years ago I created this version of Big Fashionista and WOW, times have changed, haven't they?

Seven years ago, I lived in East London with my three small children. Now I lie in Leeds with two teenagers, an 11yr old who THINKS she is a teenager and my husband of nearly a year. (Much more on my wedding anniversary coming up this week)

So many things have changed over the last 7 years, I have been through so many bad times, and a huge amount of good times over the last 4 years since moving, and my blog has been there for me, all the way through.

I can see how much I have changed, my opinions, my look, all so different from when I first started. I have grown as a person, and it is really quite cool to see it reflected in my posts over the last few years.

Obviously, life is getting in the way recently, I am studying hard to be a teaching assistant and working in the classroom, my children need me in different ways from when they did as small children, and the first thing to give will ALWAYS be my blog, but it is still here. I am still here.

Stronger, wiser and 7 years older.

Happy Blogiversary to me.

Heres to the next 7 years.

Thanks for being here with me over the last 7 years, I couldn't do it without you, nor would I want to.

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