Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Dove Body Wash, Body Positivity or Marketing Ploy?

Ok, can we talk about this?

Let me repeat the crap that Dove are spouting line that Dove are taking with this

"Each bottle evokes the shapes, sizes, curves and edges that combine to make every woman their very own limited edition,"


Show me, as a plus size woman where I asked for a gimmick designed by a company that doesn't always have the best track record on body positivity. 

Show me, WHY we need this? 

I wish companies such as Dove would stick to making products FOR my skin instead of trying to get UNDER our skin. This faux concern for me as a person and how I feel about myself is just getting annoying now. Let's not forget, Dove have been pretty hit and miss with their campaigns in the past, and whilst I would much rather companies do acknowledge body positivity, I am starting to feel as if Dove are now targeting Body Positivity as a selling point and just using it to sell more bottles. 

Other questions I have about the new Dove bottles.

What happens if I use the wrong bottle? 

Will there be changing rooms added into Superdrug and Boots so I can try the new bottles on? 

Can I share a bottle of this with someone who has a different body shape or would they be better off buying their own bottle? 

Are we meant to collect all the different shapes as if they are some kind of freaky Pop Vinyls?

And my most burning question for the Dove Marketing team, 

Would you not have been more Body Positive if you DIDN'T separate bottles into different shapes, and instead made one bottle with the tag line, ONE SIZE FITS ALL? 

Surely thats Body Positivity? 

Let me know. 



  1. Meh. They always act like they deserve a medal don't they. 'Oh look, we put some normal shaped people in our adverts' 'Oh look, we made our bottles curvy'. Yawn.

  2. None of these bottles relate to my body shape, am I an outcast from society?

  3. They try so hard yet still no cigar! Their marketing team are definitely men!

    1. It frustrates me as Dove just want praise. They are like a 2yr old showing us the content of their potty asking us to clap

  4. I feel personally affronted by the lack of extreme pear-shape here. BOO.

  5. There's definitely not my shape there. I'm in the outcast corner with Lizi!

  6. It's simply the most pointless 'marketing' ploy ever. Desperate attempts to be relevant

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  7. So frustrating - and another excuse to seperate mens and womens toiletries and charge us more!

  8. This type of bs irritates me so much. It smacks of the 'feminist' traffic lights to me. Imo it pisses off the people it's alleging to help AND the people who are anti it, in equal measure. It doesn't achieve anything, it doesn't further the cause, or help to change people's views & societies biases.


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