Monday, 7 August 2017

Not #AllGirls Boohoo, Not even close

Inclusivity is such an important thing in 2017. We all deserve to be included, it shouldn't even be an issue but here we are, in 2017, still picking up brands for their lack of inclusivity.

And then along come Boohoo, saying "Hold my Diet Pepsi, While we try to make the most god-awful commercial of the 21st century whilst claiming to be all about inclusivity and girl power"

Boohoo, are you fucking kidding me? Using the word inclusivity as if it is an accessory you wear around your neck is one thing, claiming inclusivity whilst being anything but? Well that's just spitting in the face of people who are not included.

What is inclusivity to Boohoo? Because it doesn't include, Plus size women. It doesn't include disabled people, Trans women, all people who have every right to see themselves represented in an advert that claims to be inclusive.

Oh Boohoo, you included a pregnant woman, a woman with tattoos, how EDGY are you?

Let me tell you, if you want to claim inclusivity,  INCLUDE PEOPLE.

All types of people, not just the people that YOU think deserve to be included,

You want to be inclusive, BE INCLUSIVE, don't just say you are.

Just because you finally included some women of colour, do you think you can wear inclusivity like a badge of honour? THAT ISN'T HOW INCLUSIVITY WORKS.

Boohoo actually have a plus size collection, you wouldn't think they did by the advert that they have just released. There is not one plus size woman in the advert.

I cannot find the advert on Youtube to link it here, but here is a link to the Boohoo Twitter page where they are throwing this bullshit advert around like a child doing it's first piss in a potty. Ever so proud of the mess they have created. Here is the link if you want to have a look.

What are your thoughts on the Boohoo advert? Are you thinking like me? To truly claim inclusivity you have to actually be inclusive? Or do you feel it is a step in the right direction?

Let me know.



  1. Absolutely nailed it in this post. HOW can a brand promote inclusivity and yet miss out one of it's core clothing lines?! Clearly Boohoo only wants slimmer women shopping with them.

  2. Oh I am SO EXCITED that you went in on this! *rubs hands together eagerly* I watched it (thanks to you for drawing my attention to it) and I found it HILARIOUS! I mean, it's like A JOKE, right? Is the campaign meant to be called "#AllInstagramModels??? Because if so, WELL DONE, it's a good laugh. I actually bust out GUFFAWING when they showed the dismembered torso of the "pregnant" girl for what, a split second? Blink and you miss it. It's such an obvious grab at "diversity," it makes those Dove lotion bottles or whatever look like they're in touch with their audience! It makes the Jenner Pepsi debacle look like a well-thought out concept! This is just so pathetic and funny that it makes me laugh. Well, thanks for the good Monday morning chuckle. ;)

  3. I've given up on advertising directed at women to be anything but total bollocks. One of the reasons I stopped buying magazines years ago was I never saw myself or anybody I could recognise or identify with in their pages. Only a few months ago I glanced at the TV and saw what I thought was a trailer for an unimaginative documentary on 70's sex work in Amsterdam only to find it was an ad for a clothing retailer. I struggle with what motivates people in lots of aspects of life (maybe an Aspie trait) but I really don't 'get' promotional campaigns at all. There's is nearly always something glaringly shitty about them to the extent you see the responses to them such as, 'didn't anyone notice/say something/address this before broadcast/publication' etc. I think they did notice, discuss it and chose to go ahead anyway,because they don't actually give a rat's arse about 'all women'. More like 'all currency - even yours I don't want on my ads'. I can't see it any other way. Then again, my brain is wired like an overloaded extension lead.

  4. Well said! It is shocking that in this day and age there are still people excluded from advertising campaigns. Why can't brands realise that the more they distance themselves from featuring disabled, plus size, trans but claiming they cater for all, the more those people will boycott the brands?

  5. Completely speechless, I'm with Flintaxe, I don't buy 'womens' magazines anymore, they didn't represent me and only made me feel excluded and bad about being not 'quite right'. The very fact that BooHoo felt the need to name a campaign #allgirls is just a red flag, surely if you are just a shop selling clothes to women (and men) the fact that you need to state that you cater for all seems odd. And clearly, while they may online cater for all shapes and sizes they have completely negated that by using a campaign that bloody doesn't. Very very disappointing. Pfffftt x

  6. No women with disabilities, no trans, no curvy gals, definitely NOT inclusive, and yes we are women nit girls, boohoo suck. Very good article, well said xx

  7. Excellent post, totally agree - although it has *some* upsides, the way that both feminism and inclusivity have become the trendy thing for brands is maddening, and not at all helpful!

  8. This is an amazing post! I have actually come out of my blog hibernation to post a similar thing.


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