Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bristol Piano Man. This is NOT romantic.

You know those newspaper reports that a week or so later, still make you mad?

The man in Bristol who was refusing to stop playing the piano until his ex-girlfriend returned to him is still boiling my piss, over a week later.

I'm seething at his sense of entitlement. I'm seething that people think that what he did was romantic, and I am seething that in 2017, women are not allowed to make a decision to end a relationship without a self-entitled dick deciding that it isn't over and what she wants, doesn't matter.

Can we start with the people who were defending him.

"It is romantic"

No it fucking isn't. It is creepy as hell.

"Can't fault a man for trying to win back his woman"

Er, I can. I will. She is not his woman. She decided that the relationship was over. She is entitled to make this decision.

"I wish someone would make grand gestures like this for me"

No one needs this. Making a grand gesture is lovely. Refusing to accept that a relationship is over and then acting like a child and declaring you will not stop playing the piano until she comes back is not a grand gesture, it is a scary, stalker manoeuvre that he has no right to do.

Apparently he has now stopped playing the piano as someone punched him in the head.

I HOPE it was one of his friends. punching some sense into him. I don't believe in violence but what he was doing was wrong, what the media did, glorifying and romanticising his dickish move was wrong. There is no winner in this sorry tale.

I hope that it stops other men from thinking that what they do is "romantic" and realise that it is wrong. But I don't think that it will. And perhaps that is what is annoying me.

What do you think?

Was the Bristol Piano player romantic, misguided, or exhibiting behaviour that was both frightening and manipulative?

Let me know.



  1. Yep it was creepy and stalky. I do think he will have been convinced in his own head that it was romantic and I'm sorry he has a broken heart. But his actions are selfish and someone should have told him.

  2. He's emotionally abusive, end of. This isn't romance, it's the sound of a phsycho.

  3. I have to disagree strongly with you, its not creepy atall. Just because he decides to try and win her back doesnt mean she has to go back, no matter what he does she has a choice. How many of us have been devistated because of a break up? Did you ever do anything in an act of desperation because you felt you couldnt carry on life without the one you love? Hes hurting and is desperate, that makes me feel sad for him. What he did wasnt wrong it was sad, he is probably suffering from some type of depression due to a relationship break up, its no laughing matter. He needs help not critisism. Let him ply the piano and show his love for her. He will get bored when he realises it will not bring her back, but offer him sympathy and kindness.

  4. I agree with you, it is really stalkery and that poor woman probably wants him to just go away x

  5. I agree with you, it's very weird and creepy. Sounds like she had a lucky escape - he clearly can't take no for an answer!



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