Sunday, 24 December 2017

Last Minute Christmas Gifts With B&M

Ok, it is Christmas Eve, NOW you can panic.

Have you done all your shopping? No? THEN GET YOURSELF TO B&M.

That's what I did.

B&M set me the task of doing my last minute shopping with £20 of gift vouchers and told me not to panic, just get things done.

The truth is, I am not an organised person. See my last post. But I do give great presents.

For my money, I bought the HUGEST box of biscuits for the family.

A great last minute gift to get through all that wrapping, Some alcoholic presents, the COOLEST colour in mug you have ever seen, A CHOCOLATE ORANGE, because, CHRISTMAS. Some pencils and a huge tub of fat balls for the birds, which I forgot to photograph because I am a terrible blogger who forgot to take the pictures.

Want to see the Chocolate orange instead?

You still have a few hours to grab your last minute gifts, (They also have wrapping paper, and batteries, don't forget the batteries) if you have a B&M near you, RUN, don't walk.

B&M will save your christmas, ok?
Take my word for it.


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