Monday, 16 July 2018

It's Too Hot, Hot Damn

Ok, I have been dragged out of semi-retirement because I want to rant and there are not enough characters on Twitter.

Basically, It is too hot. I don't mind a bit of sunshine, hell, I will take two weeks in the Canaries with a smile on my face but right about now, I am at the point where my ideal job is a crab fisherman in the Bering Sea (back when it was covered in ice) I am OVER, sunshine, I am over tit sweat and chub rub. I miss my jeans and I want to wear a cute knitted hat with a pom pom on it.

Now yes, currently I am suffering from a chest infection, so I am kind of grouchy, the ability to breathe is something that I kind of took for granted, currently it feels as if I am breathing through a wet sock, a sweaty wet sock. like the ones I have on my feet. I feel for everyone with breathing difficulties that are made a lot worse in this weather. I feel for the redheads who haven't left the house in 6 weeks and I feel for anyone who has expected me to leave the house for anything other than work as quite frankly, I am exhausted.

Do you know what I want? I want autumn. Autumn never hurts me. Autumn brings me orange and red leaves, bobble hats and mittens. Am I romanticising Autumn? No, I am not. There is nothing horrific about Autumn. I dare you to find one thing that is horrific about autumn. (Apart from horny spiders invading your living room. This is the price we pay for autumn, ok?)

Look at those leaves, don't they make you feel happy? Do you know what else I want?

Boots, a scarf, knits and candles. All the candles, currently the thought of lighting a candle is enough to tip me over the edge, one more heat source and I am going to melt into a puddle.

Right about now I am struggling to find any positives with this weather, sure, it was nice at first, sunshine makes everyone happy, but surely no one expected it to last this long and we are not set up here in the UK for prolonged heat are we?

Quite frankly, this weather can knob off.

What do you think? Are you ready for Autumn? What are you looking forward to?

OR, are you loving summer and long may it continue?

Let me know.


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