Friday, 7 February 2020

Squatting Like Tom Hardy Is Watching

I am currently in a really weird place right now that involves me going to the gym for FUN. I'm not going because someone is holding a gun to my husbands head, or because I've heard that Tom Hardy is going there, (pretty much the only man in the world I would do squats for) I'm going because I'm bloody enjoying getting stronger and pushing myself more each time. (See? Weird) I have a routine of sorts, mainly cardio with some throwing around of medicine balls when the mood takes me (ok, I slam that medicine ball every damn time) and some free weights when I feel that no-one is watching or judging me. (Not so often)

And that's the shitty thing about going to the gym as an overweight,  mid forties female because you genuinely think that EVERYONE is judging you for being there. A bit like in the old western films where a stranger would enter the bar, the music would stop and everyone would stop talking and swivel to stare at the stranger who had dared to enter. Even now after going to Pure Gym regularly for a few months I still feel that as I go through those air lock doors,  everyone is going to stop and stare and mutter under their breath something about not being from these parts (which I'm not, but hey, that's a whole different story)

Now being the absolute contrary bad ass that I am, I could play this one of two ways. Either cry and refuse to continue going, (I've thought about it) OR, I could look to buy the brightest, funkiest leggings in the world.....

So I have been looking for funky leggings.

I've had some great recommendations, loads for Lucy Locket Loves, some for Marks and Spencer's new active range as well as Fabletics and Sweaty Betty. Currently I'm using pretty basic Primark finest. You know how they like to shame you into going to the gym by putting their gym gear RIGHT at the front of the store? Yeah they got me good.

But I want to invest in the FUNKIEST pair of leggings I can find.

I'm loving THESE from Lucy Locket Loves

 My basic requirements are,

Not hideously expensive (Looking at you Sweaty Betty)

Not so thin that when I do squat in front of Tom Hardy he can see my underwear (Looking at you, Primark)

And loud enough so that if anyone does want to stare I can imagine they are looking at my funky leggings.

Give me your best recommendations for funky leggings please.

Big Fashionista


  1. Fabletics but with the intro offer that gets swiftly cancelled after as no gal needs workout clothes every month. And, they actually stay up during squatting!

  2. Oh my god, they have Harry Potter ones. I'm joining a gym just to get these.


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