Thursday, 6 February 2020

Trying to fall back in love with blogging

I know, it's been a while.

I'm like that awful friend you don't hear from in ages who then pops up with a bottle of wine in one hand while the other hand gesticulates wildly whilst telling you a thousand stories about where they have been while veering off onto lots of side rants about the state of the world whilst not telling anything about where they have been. (See what I did there?)

Basically, like all bloggers, things got in the way. That's all, I just didn't have enough time to balance my work, my home and blogging and something had to give.

But by god I have missed spewing rage and vitriol on to a page while calling Trump names (Clemantine-faced Devil Dude) and eyeing up cute guys whilst occasionally throwing in a fashion shoot.

Things have changed for me and my blog, I think we are past the time of Nom and Vom and objectifying men. But it doesn't mean I cannot appreciate a good man who is the whole package. (Avoids eye contact with Calvin Harris)
(I also appreciate that if you haven't, and you are considering Googling it, do NOT do it from a work computer. Thank me later)

I also don't have a laptop at the moment so until I can get that fixed, it's just me and my iPad, but I do want to get back into blogging without being obsessed with stats and comments, (although comments are nice, cough, cough)

So hopefully this may be the start of a brand new chapter.

Who is along for the ride?

Big Fashionista



  1. Wow, welcome back. When a name I've not seen for over a year pops up in my blog feed, I usually find it's a long-dormant blog that's been hacked and is now trying to sell me cleaning services in Roumania (why is there so much cleaning service spam? Or do they target me personally?) so it's lovely to see you are really back.

  2. Welcome back.. It's been a while 😁


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